Roasts & Reindeer Droppings

I am a big fan of traditions.  Ask my husband and he will tell you that I bring up the idea of traditions all the time.  I love how they can be passed down through the generations, and can instill a strong bond of family and home.

I looked up Simple Mom for more information and ideas on family traditions: Traditions don’t have to be extravagant, intense or require a lot of planning. They can be as simple as reading to your child every night in the same comfy chair, having a movie and pizza night every Friday or discussing things you are grateful for around the dinner table each evening. Traditions are the glue that keeps a family together. We all have very busy lifestyles, and adding a small tradition here or there can make all the difference to your family.

Christmas Eve dinner with my family.

Family traditions that I grew up with:

  • Birthdays: we had a roast dinner, complete with mum’s amazing carrot cake! When we got in our late teens we would go to Hogs Breath.
  • After school: my grandad used to live in a granny flat under our house and every day after school my brother and I would come straight in from school and go down to see him (mum and dad were working) and he would always have homemade rice pudding or Nutella sandwiches ready and waiting for us.  We would sit down and talk about our day while spending time with him.  This may be why I love Nutella so much!
  • Christmas Eve with my side of the family: church, roast (complete with candles and table decorations), watch the carols on telly and play board games.
  • The Oscars: mum and I meet up and have a girls night at her place or mine, complete with chocolate and popcorn, while we “ooh” and “aah” over the frocks.
  • Christmas Day: my husband and I alternate between our families each year.
  • Christmas with my side of the family: cooked breakfast (with a few reindeer droppings on my brothers plate…choc covered licorice), open presents while eating Ferrero Rocher’s, lazy lunch on the veranda, relax for the day by playing games or reading or sleeping or swimming, if you are hungry (which we usually aren’t) you pick at the leftovers from the day for dinner.
  • Shabbat: my husband and I celebrate Shabbat every Friday night when we are home complete with the candles, a special home cooked meal, and Bible study.

What is your favourite family tradition? How will you create a new family tradition?

3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Kel on January 10, 2011 at 8:36 pm

    I love family traditions. My favourite is the kids tuckshop day every Friday. They love it and I don’t have to make lunch!


  2. Posted by Aaron on January 11, 2011 at 10:12 am

    Sunday roasts at my mums place. This came from my nan when she used to do that with her family.


  3. […] I referred to this as one of my favourite traditions growing up on a previous post – Roasts & Reindeer Droppings.  We would sit at the bench and munch into the soft chocolatey goodness and recap on our day to […]


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