Good On Ya’ Queenslander

Just like the cane toad - Queenslanders adapt to their environment.

The google definition for the word ‘Queenslander’ is pretty lame.  Something about a journal and some architecture. I much prefer Anna Bligh‘s definition. I was listening to our Queensland Premier on the telly today and my heart swelled with pride.  Not only by the incredible job she’s done in handling such an emotionally mammoth task, but the words she spoke during one of her two hourly press releases reminding us who we are.

The past couple of days the television, twitter, facebook, newspapers have been inundated with images and news about the horrific floods sweeping throughout parts of Australia. There really are no words to describe the devastation and loss by this flood disaster.  But Aussies have banded together and shown the world strength, determination, resilience, compassion and a hard yakka attitude.

I think it is time we came up with a new google definition for the word ‘Queenslander’, cause I  know I’m very proud to be one!

Some quotes from the flood victims

“It’s not far from the top to the bottom.” (in relation to losing everything).

“Don’t cry over something that wouldn’t cry over you.” (in relation to losing ‘stuff” verses people).

What do you think?

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