Eggs, Toast & One Kinda Sauce

The first entry of a five-part post marathon on my favourite meals. Enjoy!

Our breakfast this morning.

Breakfast is by far my favourite meal to eat out.  There is just something unbearably delicious about eating a breakfast at a cafe on an empty stomach…the first meal of the day.  I also enjoy seeing the variety each cafe has in addition to the base breakfasts such as ‘Bacon & Eggs’, ‘Fruit & Muesli’, and the best of all ‘Eggs Benedict’.  You never know exactly what it is going to look like and what little extras they have added to the norm.  Sometimes you have potato fritters instead of toast, fried haloumi, smoked salmon instead of bacon or ham.  You also get a great idea of how to mix flavours.  A favourite mix would have to be at the Nanna McGinn’s Cafe in Kenilworth where they serve french toast, cooked banana and bacon drizzled with maple syrup.  What an intoxicating meal for the adventurous and definitely an explosion of flavours…well worth the risk of bacon and banana in the same meal.

Eggs Bene would be right up on my list of favourite meals, but it really depends on where you go.

Delicious Eggs Benedict Sauce!

Sometimes you can end up with the weirdest Hollandaise Sauce flavours…and some are hard to stomach.  When visiting my sister-in-law up in Normanton (Far North Queensland) a few years ago she introduced us, and converted me, to the one of the yummiest Eggs Benedict sauces for a quick home fix, and I haven’t looked back since.  Her favourite is the Masterfoods Hollandaise Sauce.  You just put the packet into the microwave for 40 seconds and you have yummy sauce.   Every time we get together with my husband’s family for Christmas or a visit, we usually end up with Eggs Benedict along with this sauce for breakfast.  I love my Eggs Bene with smoked salmon, but for this morning I just used plain old ham and it was still scrumptous. When we make this at home, we usually use the gluten-free bread by Country Life Bakery.  The best one I have ever tasted and I usually use the low G.I one (it has blue on the packet). You can just buy this in the normal bread section of the supermarket (Coles, Woolworths, IGA, etc). Really nice texture and flavour.

Tip: I had no end of trouble trying to poach the eggs without a poacher so my brother-in-law gave me some very handy tips.  This way works for me – boil water in a medium saucepan and add white vinegar (the vinegar actually gives the egg a really nice flavour).  Wait until the water has heated and there are some small bubbles appearing at the bottom of the saucepan (in the lead up to the water boiling).  Crack the egg into the water and let it sit for a few seconds until the base part of the egg has turned white.  You can either leave it like this as the small bubbles will slightly move the egg into a nice bundle, or you can get a spoon or ladle and gently lift the egg around to bunch it up a bit.  I usually leave the egg in the water until I think it is ready.  All the whites of the egg should not be clear, but…well…white! Make sure your water doesn’t reach boiling point as the egg may break apart.  When finished, scoop out the egg onto a paper towel to let it dry. Done!


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  1. Posted by dana on January 22, 2011 at 5:19 pm

    Yum – how did you know eggs benedict was the breakfast of the day? I did the same sauce as you pictured, but I did mine with smoked trout this morning!!! Yumm!!!


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