Making Me Nutty!

Post number two of my five-part series on my favourite meals.

I guess this meal should have been number one on my list as I always feel like eating it, I think it would taste good with anything (except for maybe tuna…then again, you never know!), and many memories come flooding back to me when I take a bite.  It is none other than the heavenly taste bud splurge of Nutella.  I, like many others, can eat this stuff by the spoonful but seeing as I am writing about ‘meals’ I better put something else with it – bread, pancakes, bananas, melted in a fondue, ice cream, scrolls, strawberries, and the list goes on.  Actually, I think Nutella deserves to be a meal on its own, don’t you?

I can taste it now 🙂

My earliest memory of Nutella dates back to when my family lived in Bundeena, which is located in the heart of the Royal National Park at the south of Sydney.  My Grandad used to live with us downstairs in a granny flat and each afternoon after school, my little brother and I would toddle down to see Grandad and get a sandwich of Nutella.  I referred to this as one of my favourite traditions growing up on a previous post – Roasts & Reindeer Droppings.  We would sit at the bench and munch into the soft chocolatey goodness and recap on our day to Grandad.

Now days we try to avoid buying Nutella as it really doesn’t last long. It gets to the point where one of us will go to have a helping and notice the jar has magically disappeared, along with a few spoons.

I totally understand dude.

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  1. […] fair bit of time hanging out with grandad and sometimes we would watch movies together or he would cook us yummy things.  One time I remember visiting him and he was already watching the James Bond movie […]


  2. we love your shose


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