There’s a Rainbow in My Mouth

This is my final post in my five-part series and it seems so dramatic with the Lord of the Rings soundtrack playing in the background as I type.  I think I am even sitting taller, prouder and typing faster as I edge closer to Mordor with the elves egging me on as I end this journey….bit too corny? Thought so.

Being the last post on my favourite meals, it seems only ‘right’ to be about a salad of some sort (not at all feeling guilty about the lack of  ‘greenery’ in my last four fav food posts – promise).  I love, love, love this salad so much that I sometimes crave it and think about it and spend an entire week eating only it for lunch.

Baby spinach leaves, red cabbage, jalapenos, grated carrot, mushrooms, shallots, Greenseas tuna in olive oil (drained), grated fresh beetroot, red capsicum, black or kalamata olives, a touch of grated cheese, maybe some cold brown rice, and anything else that I fancy.

The whole experience is colourful and packed full of flavoursome awesomeness.

What do you like to add to your salads?


What do you think?

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