I have such technological problems…probably daily.  It is such a helpless feeling to be in this time and not ‘get’ stuff.  Obviously I can write a blog (that is pre-made for me, don’t let me near html codes).

My husband and his awesomeness technoness

I can simply work the Interactive Whiteboard at work and do most base-level stuff.

I am just one of those people who has trouble getting my head around bits and bites and gigamajigs. In one ear and out the other.  Things that are considered to be a simple process such as resizing an image of yourself to make it smaller when you put it onto the internet. This way if someone clicks on that photo your head doesn’t consume their entire screen.  I currently have this problem with my photo in the ‘me’ section of this blog.  I am warning you, do not to click on it.  My head goes into a massive proportional spaz.  Of course, now I have told you not to, there is a 50% probability that you will click on my head anyway.

My husband is completely at the other end of the tech scale to me.  It is as though his veins are actually wires.  He thinks in computer ways as well. A classic example was when he was trying to find something he misplaced in the house and his initial thought was to do a quick search.  You know how you can search for stuff that you have saved randomly somewhere not very sensible on you computer and can no longer find it (I know how to do this!)? He actually said that his first response in finding the item was to ‘search’.

It amazes me how totally different we are in this area.  We have been inseparable for 12 years now and neither one of us have ever been taught computers.  He has just leant more in that direction and I have remained stagnate.

I think it all comes down to patience and perseverance.  I would like to be more tech savvy and learn the ropes…I mean, wires (lol….right?).  For now I will have to keep using my husband as a buffer to the inevitable lessons I will have to go through in the not too distant future. *sigh*

Disclaimer: Lets not dwell on the fact that I could not get rid of the white space-thing under the picture.  Yes, I “printed screen” from ‘Facebook” and opened image in “paint” and “cropped” and”cut and pasted” and “saved”, etc. (FB doesn’t let you right-click and save pics anymore??)

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