My Community Cross-section: Bethany

A blog series on the everyday people in my community.


Born: Buderim on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
Year of Birth: 1989

Some family history: My mums step dad almost made it into the Olympic Games. He was doing the race to get in and hurt his hamstring muscle. You can look him up in Google: Brian Butterfield….he loves to talk about it. My mums dad died when she was very little.

Jobs I have had: I first started babysitting for family and friends. My second job was working at the Coffee Club. I have also done Vacation Care. I almost started working at Kids Plus Day Care in Coolum, but instead I started doing relief Teacher Aide work ….and have been now doing that full-time for just over two-years.

What I’m passionate about: I LOVE babies and little kids….they are amazing and so cute. I was talking to someone today who just had a baby and there was another newborn near us that was crying. I turned to her and said I love newborn cries….she looked at me like I was weird…but I think it is cute cause the baby is trying so hard to make it as loud as they can, but it is still such a tiny cry. People ask me how I can work with little kids and enjoy it.I love the cute things they say and do. Sure, all babies and kids have their moments but I just try to remember the cute moments. I care about doing the right thing with these kids and showing them how to behave at school. I could spend hours and hours with babies. When I hear someone has had a baby or I see someone with a baby I just want to come and look after that baby. If I see someone struggling with their baby I so want to just go and help them. Today my friend’s newborn wasn’t wrapped in a blanket and I had to fight myself to not just pick up the baby and the blanket and wrap that baby up. See I know that newborns love the feeling of a blanket wrapped around them …it reminds them of being in the womb and they feel secure and safe….it is very hard for me sometimes to fight myself.

Things I don’t like: Doctors who think you don’t know anything.

Places I have lived: When I was little I lived in a house which we called the ‘blue house’ because it was blue. Then we moved because my mum was pregnant with my sister Ellie and we lived in a brick house. Then we moved again because mum was pregnant with my brother Isaiah, we lived in that house for 18 years….until in burnt down in a fire. Now we live in Peregian Springs. The first three houses we lived in were at Coolum Beach.

Dreams: I wanted to be a lot of things when I was little. I couldn’t make up my mind! I wanted to be a mum, a firefighter, a vet (until I was told I would have to put animals down), a pet shop owner (but thought I wouldn’t want anyone to buy the puppies and kittens), work at a child care with the babies (I didn’t want to work with prep-aged kids…I just wanted to be around babies). I would have never had guessed that I would be working with prep-aged kids and loving it.

Growing Up and Memories: Being in a big family has always had it’s ups and downs. When we get together it gets very busy and loud but fun. When I was in Grade One my 16 year old brother had a major head injury. It was tough going to visit him and not having him remember my name.

I think it’s annoying when doctors say that children under 2 can’t get asthma….I got asthma before I was 2 …my sisters did too…my nephew did also. Doctors don’t like listening when you say that though, they have always been taught that you shouldn’t normally diagnose a child under 2 as having asthma. I have argued over this with a few doctors.

We used to have pet chickens and ducks. My sisters and I used to get our chicken and take it up to the veranda to dress it up and pretend that it was our baby. When we were finished playing, instead of walking back down to the chicken pen, we would just drop them off the verandah and into the pen. Mum didn’t know that was what we did until just recently 🙂

When my older sister had friends over she wouldn’t let anyone into her room but would let me in because I would just sit there and not say anything.

Mum tells me that I didn’t have a first word…I said a whole sentence instead. I was very quiet and everyone would call me squeak.

I have very thick hair and when we would go to the beach my dad would call me ‘hair with legs’ and ‘Cousin It’. He said that all you could see when I was running along the beach was all this hair and two little legs!

I used to, and still do, get called Boo, Boo Boo, Bethy Boo and Boo Boo Bear by my dad. He called me that because of Boo Boo Bear from Yogi Bear.

When I was in Grade Three, dad came to my classroom to tell me that Denelle, Jake and Abe’s dad had died from a heart attack. I started crying and he asked me if I wanted to go home with him but that mum, Denelle, Jake and Abe would be there and they would be very sad…so I decided to stay at school. Everyone in my class came up to me at lunch time and they thought dad had come to get grumpy at me. I had only told one friend why he came and saw me and so she told everyone to leave me alone. All I remember thinking is that I wanted to go home now.

My brother wanted to change his name to Spike cause he had a spiky hair cut. He wrote on everything that he owned the name Spike Andews.

Let me know if you would like to take part in this series.  Anyone is welcome!


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