My Community Cross-section: Katrina

A blog series on the everyday people in my community.


Location of birth: Sydney, Australia

Year I was born: 1981

Family history: My dad (only child) was born in Ireland and moved with his mum and dad to England, then on to Australia. He was a surfer dude, and met my blonde-bombshell Aussie mum (youngest of 4 and only girl) in Sydney, Australia.

Jobs I have had: babysitter (like most teenage girls), waitress at a Chinese Restaurant where they recycled their straws, the Beach House Restaurant & Nightclub which was lame, a pharmacy, Angus & Robertson bookstore (loved this job, LOVE books!), a resort cleaner in Noosa which was actually quite fun, worked with disabled youth to teach them life skills, cinemas, and finally a preschool turned prep turned primary school teacher.

Things I am passionate about: my relationship with God (let’s not call it a ‘religion’ please, cause it is not), Israel, educating people and educating myself, my marriage.

Our wedding 2003

Hobbies and interests I have: being creative (painting, dance, craft), being outdoors, camping, volleyball, learning about things I am interested in, the Australian Outback.

Things I don’t like: children being harmed, people who abuse other people’s boundaries on purpose, people who are fake and pretend they are someone they are not, silly mind games.

Places I have lived:
I grew up in the most beautiful little coastal town called Bundeena which is located in the heart of the Royal National Park in Sydney. The community was quite close-knit and we all bonded over sports and wildlife rescue (WIRES). My family & I then travelled around Australia for 6 months & fell in love with Port Macquarie. I did my last few years of primary & all my high school there & met my future husband as well. After school I got into the Sunshine Coast University so we moved to Noosa. Then we lived in Pacific Paradise & Yandina (both on the Sunshine Coast).

My brother and I

Dream/goals as I was growing up: When I was really young I remember watching ‘Kindergarten Cop’ and wanted to be a kindergarten teacher so bad (later to become true in real life), then I wanted to be an art teacher, then it changed to becoming a vet but my dad told me that I would probably have to put my hand up a cow’s bottoms.  So, I changed my mind to becoming a marine biologist (love dolphins) but my dad told me that I would probably have to put my hand up a whale’s bottoms. Thanks dad. Then a graphic designer, and I finally settled on being a teacher.

When I was little I dreamt of changing my name to Maria. So can you guess what most of my dolls were called?

What was it like growing up: We had the best childhood!  The majority of our weekends would be spent out in the bush with the 4WD club, camping, bush walks, and the beach.  We had a very active, grounded and outdoor-oriented family full of adventure seeking.  When I was 10 and my little brother was 8, our family packed up and travelled around Australia for 6 months – the ultimate BEST experience of my life.  I think I will have to blog about this soon.

Advice I would now give myself as a child: don’t sweat the small stuff.  In the scheme of things it is nothing. Believe in God now, He really does change your perspective on life and brings so much goodness into it.

Pure ecstasy – my first taste of chocolate!

Something I want to do before I die: Hopefully have children, that is on the radar and we are working on it.  Travelling around Australia and experiencing it as either a couple or a family is definitely on cards no matter what.  It has been a dream of ours for a very long time.

My husband and I

Let me know if you would like to take part in this series.  Anyone is welcome!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Jodes on April 19, 2011 at 7:01 pm

    I will miss you when you go travelling around Australia 😦


  2. Such a beautiful photo of a beautiful lady!


  3. I love reading your posts! My goodness Jodi’s made me bawl my eyes out!
    I’ll go in your series if you’d like?….


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