My Community Cross-section: Rebecca


Bec & her sweet little boy

Location of birth: Redcliffe, QLD

Year I was born: 1982

Any interesting family history: Hmmm… not sure… my hubby has a story that one of his ‘great’ Grandma’s was the Princess of Spain and she ran away here with an Australian? Not sure if it’s true. Most likely not. But he loves telling everyone he has ‘blue blood’. : )

Jobs you have had: (in no particular order – only as I remember them) McDonalds chick, Medical Receptionist, Maths Tutor, Rock Climbing & High Ropes Instructor, Summer Camp Facilitator, Retail Sales, Barista, Event Coordinator, Real Estate Admin Assistant.

Things you are passionate about: Family, cooking, interior design, creating things, life

Things you don’t like: Lying, cruelty, laziness, cold showers, law breakers.

Places you have lived: QLD, Sydney, Port Macquarie, Gosford, Blue Mountains

Dream/goals as you were growing up: I always wanted to be an Architect growing up, until I went to Sydney for work experience and realised how long you had to go to uni for! I still love it though.
I’ve also wanted to be a vet, dr, flight attendant and many more things.

What was it like growing up: It was fun. We were always playing practical jokes on each other, bouncing rubber balls down the hallway, jumping off balconies into pools, that sort of thing. It was near the beach too… which was so nice to be able to just get away too and think.

Advice you would now give yourself as a child:
Have more fun & work harder. (oxymoron I know)
Learn more about money.
& Pay less attention to boys.

Life changing moments: Getting married. Having a child. Quitting my job and working full time in my own business.

Travelling: LOVE to travel. I travelled around the US for 9 mths working at a summer camp, visiting friends etc, just backpacking, it was a wonderful trip! Can’t wait to go overseas again and I’m hanging out for Japan someday with my hubby and son.

What do you think your future holds: I have no idea. But it will be an exciting journey!

Extras: I wish I was good at deciding to do one thing. I like to do so many things that I get easily distracted.
I do love what I’m doing now. Working from home for myself, with my husband ( and being there for my little boy.


What do you think?

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