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Location of birth: If overseas, when and why did you move to Australia:  I was born in South Africa but I left SA in 1998 for the UK to begin my ORSOME season of working and travelling and had a phenomenal few years over there before meeting the man of my dreams in my/our church over there in 2001!  We got married in SA in Oct 2003 and then returned to the UK in April 2004 & went back to the same ORSOME church and worked & did some more travelling together before coming to Aussie, Aussie, Aussie in March 2010 and we LOVE it here!!  (This is the VERY short version though, hee hee)

Year I was born: 1976

Any interesting family history:  My hubby’s Grandparents (on his Dad’s side) come from “uppercrust” English background apparently and so on hubby’s Family tree….there are distant relations to the Royal Family & my hubby is in fact a VERY distant cousin ie: (3rd cousin, twice removed) to Princess Di….(not sure the FULL story but this is seriously true).

I on other hand have Scottish background as my maiden name was “Robb” as in “Rob Roy” (the movie with Mel Gibson)….& Rob Roy on our Family tree was a distant cousin on my Dad’s side…..JUST KIDDING – ha ha ha 😉
Jobs you have had:  Mainly secretarial/PA jobs but also had a couple Nannying jobs in the UK (not “nanny” as in cleaning but as in looking after kids).

Whilst at school in South Africa, I also worked at a fabulous Flea Market for a year or more (NOT A PLACE THAT SELLS FLEAS EITHER, HEE HEE) which was a fab way to earn pocket money & before I left for overseas I also waitressed at a stunning coffee shop for a couple years called “Circus Circus”  🙂

Things you are passionate about:  Would have to say Travelling and also Children !! I also LOVE LOVE LOVE socialising with friends & am completely energised after spending an hour, an arvie or an evening catching up with a friend or a few friends 🙂  (I DIG ladies nights)

Things you don’t like: Spiders Spiders Spiders !!!!!!!!  Also REALLY dont dig 2 faced people or peeps that stab you in the back.

Places you have lived:  Grew up in South Africa….but like I mentioned in the first answer….lived in the UK from March 1998 until Oct 2001 and then went back to live in SA & then got married in Oct 2003 & in April 2004 went back to live in the UK with my hubby until March 2010 & now we live in Australia!  Had MANY exciting years doing lots of travelling in the UK and was part of an INCREDIBLE church & made the most WONDERFUL friends that I will have until my dying day.

Dream/goals as you were growing up:  To do ministry into Africa coz I’v had a HUGE heart for African children since I was a little girl!  Its still my dream to go back to Africa & go on outreaches/ministry trips….but this will be in God’s timing in who knows how many years time ????……nevertheless…..I/we LOOK FWD TO THAT DAY – YAY 🙂

Also been my absolute DREAM to travel a bit of the USA & “New York New York” is TOP of my list so BRING IT ON BABY – CANT WAIT for the day I go there 🙂

What was it like growing up:  Grew up in South Africa & my parents divorced when I was about 5 but my Dad was always around and I saw him all the time as my Mom and him got on well and still get on really well which is a HUGE blessing!  Am also VERY blessed to have been raised by a PHENOMENAL Mother who’s Values, Morals & Standards stood me in VERY good stead for LIFE – Thank You Jesus 🙂

Advice you would now give yourself as a child:  CHILL & dont always take life too seriously coz life is precious AND short !!!

Life changing moments:  Giving my life to Jesus in 1991…..& getting married to the man of my absolute DREAMS in 2003 🙂

Travelling:  LOVE LOVE LOVE travelling and am blessed to have done lots of it with my mates whilst living in the UK before I got married & then a bit more travelling once we were married & living back in the UK!

I still have a pretty long bucket list in terms of travel but my dream since I was a little girl is to travel to the USA (as mentioned above)… that is TOP of my list along with a ministry/outreach trip to Africa and not sure which country in Africa exactly but wherever God opens the door.

What do you think your future holds:  Whew….thats a pretty tough question to answer….but I would have to say having all the Grandparents living here with us.  We are very blessed to have my Mom over here with us & in a couple years we should have my hubby’s folks living here too (they are putting in their app in July, YAAAAAY). Its just so special & an absolute BLESSING for kids to have their Grandparents in their lives if possible & so we count ourselves VERY blessed to have at least 1 here for now.

In faith, I would have to say the other thing would be having CLOSE friendships with a few couples (ideally where the kids are similar ages so that they can be GREAT mates as well but obviously this is really not essential at all & would just be nice to have that with a couple families even). Also being truly happy & involved in the church Jesus has us in for that particular season in our lives.

Lastly I would like say that if I had my life over……I would want to be a dancer !!!!  I did modern dancing in junior school & LOVED it with a passion and danced in a lot of school plays but for some reason, I didnt carry it on in high school but I have ALWAYS had a passion for dancing & watching dancing……particularly modern or hip hop type dancing (the type they do in “Step Up” is my FAV). I have always LOVED dancing the night away in my nightclub days & I just LOVE watching dancing movies (& picturing myself as the lead dancer….hee hee, OK theres some open heart surgery for you 😉 I also ADORED dancing for a few years at my church in South Africa before I left for the UK & would just LOVE to get back into dancing at church someday too 🙂


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Bronwyn and Marcus on June 8, 2011 at 1:45 pm

    Hi Claire

    I typed in your name and old surname to see if I could find you and this page came up. We went to Israel together with Oakhall (You had your friend Bronwyn with you). I would love to get in touch with you and catch up. We are living in Australia as well!! Hopefully I have got the right Claire otherwise you have an uncanny resemblance!

    God bless

    Bronwyn and Marcus


    • Posted by Clairebee on June 11, 2011 at 2:26 pm

      Hey Bron,

      OF COURSE I remember you guys and I even came to stay with you and your little boy when you lived on Jersey or Guernsey Island !!

      Im on Facebook but contact me via email on and we can get in touch that way.

      YAY, look fwd to hearing from you,
      Hugs xoxo


  2. Posted by Bronwyn and Marcus on June 11, 2011 at 6:22 pm

    Woo hoo! We have contact. Have sent you an email. Looking forward to catching up on your all your news!

    Love Bron


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