Cinderella’s Wedding vs. Catherine’s Wedding

It is starting to look like I am a Royal Wedding fanatic, but really I’m not.  There just seems to be so much funny stuff popping up all around the place about the wedding, that I have to share.

This one first appeared on Facebook, and I had such a giggle:

The Royal Wedding and the movie Cinderella

This morning I decided to google it, cause it did seem almost too good to be true…and alas, I found the original 😦

The original.

So there you have it: you can’t believe all you read (or see) on Facebook – shock horror!

Even though the first pic was a fake, it still made me and others have a good laugh.  I think it did it’s purpose, so really who cares! Whoever thought of it is a genius.

I promise, no more Royal Wedding posts from me….unless something else funny crosses my path!

If you ever see something that seems a bit suss (like the Princes dark hair behind his ear when it should be blonde), check out Hoax-Slayer. This one hasn’t appeared on the site yet, but I’m sure it won’t be long until it goes ‘viral’.

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3 responses to this post.

  1. Oh!! Good on you for un-earthing the truth!
    Funny, but I had this thought in the shower (where I do all my thinking) this morning…”I wonder if someone edited it?” The colours were too perfect, weren’t they.

    Great post, you’re right, still funny though. 🙂


  2. It gave me a laugh the first time I saw it, as I’m sure it did for most people. I know who to come to now if I ever need something ‘unearthed’! xx


  3. Haha, I saw that and loved it. Thanks for the detective work … )


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