A bit of Pinterest inspiration

Found on Pinterest

I came across this little gem tonight – Pinterest. It is a place where you can ‘pin’ things that you love.  A way to store your collections of favourite little images that may inspire, teach, communicate, or whatever it is you fancy all in one tidy space.  Some people have Pin Boards for:

  • party planning
  • bucket list
  • quotations
  • cooking inspiration
  • travel
  • home design
  • projects
  • fashion
  • colour collections
  • photography
  • clever ideas
  • ……
All Pinterest accounts are public and you can wander through peoples boards and discover loads of cool things.  If you like something you can comment, pin it to one of your own boards, like it, or click on it and be taken to its original source.  It is a great way to see into a persons personality and interests. I have been playing around with my own pinterest collection…and I must say, it is rather addictive collecting beautiful things.
Here are some beaut quotes I found on a few pin boards –
I love the following poster because it is so very, very true!

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