My Community Cross-section: Dana

A blog series on the everyday people in my community.


Location of birth:    Toowoomba Queensland
Year I was born: 1969

Any family history: My ancestors were from Germany and Denmark, and came out 3 generations ago.  I have just found out that one of my ancestors (on my mum’s side) was German Royalty, like a king and has a Castle somewhere in Germany. Maybe I need to find out where and see if I can make my claim.

Jobs you have had: I worked as a checkout chick and then in the Manchester section at Big W at Kawana. Did the baby sitting gigs too. Also worked at vacation care while at uni. Then did some casual teaching until I got a job as a primary school teacher in Kimbe, West New Britian PNG, and then Goroka PNG. I was then a missionary with YWAM firstly in Brisbane, and then in Newcastle (as well as traveling with teams to different parts of Australia and the world). While doing the YWAM thing in Newy I also did part time paid work as a cleaner, and relief teacher. I then worked for a term as a Chaplain at Moreton Bay Girls College, and finally my current job as a Primary school teacher at Coolum Beach Christian College. 

Dana's Family at her 40th Birthday

Things you are passionate about: I am passionate about discipling children and helping them to get to know their creator. I also love creative stuff, especially having fun creating yummy food.

Kings Kids team outside Buckingham Palace

Things you don’t like: LOL I don’t like peas. I also don’t like people getting hurt, and horror movies.

Places you have lived:   I have lived In Tully in North Queensland. Maroochydore, Alexandra Headlands on the Sunny Coast. Then Brisbane Queensland.  Kimbe and Goroka PNG. Brisbane again. Then four different places across Newcastle, over 10 years there. Then Landsborough, Mudjimba and now Yandina back on the beutiful Sunny Coast.

Dream/goals as you were growing up: I wanted to be a librarian growing up – mainly because I loved books and if was a job where I didn’t have to deal with lots of people. I was really shy and not a people person so didn’t want a job that involved lots of people.

What was it like growing up: I so loved growing up on the Sunny Coast (a much quieter place than it is now), what a beautiful place to grow up. I was a really shy and quiet child who was bullied lots and really didn’t say much to anyone. I had just a few friends and lived in my own little world and was too scared to say anything in my classes at school. My brother and I had great times living near the beach and bush and spent so much time swimming in our pool.

Advice you would now give yourself as a child: Keep your eyes on God, He will never leave you and always be there for you no matter what you face.

With the Olympic torch

Life changing moments: Failing highschool and having to repeat my senior year of school so I could get to university to be a teacher, this really made me stronger and trust into God more.

Going to slums in Mumbai – we went to the slums in India on my DTS outreach and I was so impacted by how people lived in such poverty. I made the decision while there I could make a small difference through sponsering a child through compassion. Twenty years later I am sponsering my 4th child with them while others who I have sponsored grew up and were able to get jobs etc. 

Living in PNG – My tme is PNG was amazing, my first experience of living on my own and living overseas. I so loved the opportunities it gave me and taught me so much about teaching multicultural students.
Being dumped by my highschool boyfriend after 5 years for my cousin who is now married to him. This was a difficult time to work through but God was so faithful and my relationship with God was strengthened through this.
Travelling: Wow I so love travel I have been to: New Zealand, India, Singapore (twice), Malaysia, PNG, Canada (3 times), LA (twice), Atlanta and Washington state in the USA, Bankok Thailand. Cancun: Mexico, Fiji (twice), Western Samoa, American Samoa, If you count airports Also Tonga, Tahiti. London, Southampton and Dover in England, Brussels in Belguim, Luxembourg, Lake Lucerne in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Insbruck in Austria, Venice, Assisi, Rome, Florence, and Pisa in Italy,  Nice, Lyon and Paris in France, the south of Ireland, Jarkata, and Bali Indonesia.

Eiffel Tower



What do you think your future holds: Not really sure but I’m sure it will be an adventure.

I love creativity and seeing what amazing creative thing people are doing. I have joined a blog called creative everyday where I am challenged to do something creative every day, I don’t always meet this challenge but enjoy the challenge. I have started a blog called creatively challenged

Let me know if you would like to take part in this series.  Anyone is welcome!

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  1. What a blessed life Dana – thanks for taking part 🙂
    How did you get to carry the torch? That is awesome!


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