So was it worth it?

One thing that has helped me to relax a lot more is my cooking whiz machine. It saves me so much time and we are eating healthier than ever before.

A comment most people make when they hear about a Thermomix is whether they will actually use it enough to get their money’s worth.

Well, we are coming up to a month since we got our Thermomix (and named her Tilly – see why) and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that it has changed the way we cook.  Well, to be more truthful, it has revived our eating habits: from non-cook/eating quick meals like frozen fish and frozen vegies (we heat them up of course…we are not that bad), to creating things I never knew I could even make! My husband seems to think he has entered heaven early.

Coconut Pieces

Make shredded and desiccated coconut

The beginnings of an omelette

Making some sweet chilli sauce

chopping chilli, garlic and onion together

I use Tilly at least twice a day, on the weekends more. She makes our breakfast smoothie (different fruits like berries, oranges, agave nectar, cold-pressed almond oil, colloidal minerals, natural yoghurt, raw eggs…yes, raw eggs…thought I’d never see the day I drank raw eggs!) and all our dinners to perfection. She never burns a thing and saves me stirring and chopping and mincing and juicing and weighing. I can make the perfect mash potato (without peeling or cooking beforehand) in the Thermomix, while the Varoma goes on top of the Thermomix steaming my vegies and fish.

My Thermomix and the Varoma cooking as one

On the weekends we visit the Farmers Market in Yandina or Noosa and then whip up some yummies to take to work during the week. We have been eating so much better – no preservatives or additives as everything we make is pretty much from scratch…right down to our sweet chilli sauce and butter. I don’t think I have ever eaten so many vegetables and fruit in my life!

So yes, it has definitely been worth it 🙂


What do you think?

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