Oh, the pain!

Last weekend….

It was either Blacky McLaser Eyes or Sheryl or Beryl or Big Bertha who laid the first egg. We couldn’t tell because all four chooks had gathered in the nesting box vocalising their support as one of them squeezed out the very first egg. Hubby and I translated the “squark, crooak, roooak” sounds to “push, push, push!” Poor darling sounded like she was in shock…and pain. During her ordeal, all I cared about were the neighbours, who I quickly wrote a letterbox-note explaining that our chook was laying her first ever egg and we were sorry for the noise. It was 9am and the noise lasted for a good 30 seconds, but still. I have been told that as they lay a couple more, they become quieter. Can I hear anyone say STREEEEETCH? I think giving a couple of eggs to the neighbours down the track is not such a bad idea.

We were so excited when it went quiet and the four chooks sprinted out of the chook house and into the garden, none of them were waddling so we had no idea who had done the deed. We headed over to the laying area and opened up the lid to find our first golden egg (should I mention that before my hubby took a photo of this momentous moment in our backyard farming he actually thought about painting the egg gold!….I know.)

Just before we headed out for the day, we could hear one of our chooks in the nesting box fluffing about with the straw and making a nest. Sure enough, a couple of hours when we got home there lay another egg! This time it was definitely Sheryl. Good girl.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by GwendaB2 on September 16, 2011 at 10:43 am

    I’m so proud!! xxx


  2. Your exactly correct on this piece


  3. Youre quite correct on this writing


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