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Totes Def Faithful!

God is totally, definitely faithful.

Today was a stark reminder for me.

It was a really yucky day and as we drove home from work I was feeling a little helpless.

You know when you are not exactly sure how God is handling a situation, and you have a few suggestions for Him that might help 🙂 All of a sudden He tells you to snap out of it and refocus. All it took for me today was a message on Facebook from a friend who was obedient to God and gave me a word. She was faithful to what He wanted her to say to me, and little did she know, the timing was absolutely perfect to the moment, the message went to my core, the promise relit a fire in me. I spoke something to Him out loud and my answer appeared in seconds. It was a message I needed to hear and one I intend to cling to.

God is totally, definitely faithful.

I am so grateful my friend was faithful too.

Make Love, Not War!

I celebrated my 30th a few months back in hippie style! It was such a blast and I had the best birthday with close friends and family.

When planning this party, there wasn’t much on the internet for inspiration. Mainly the same old stuff with no originality, so I thought I would post some ideas from my hippie party just in case there is someone out there looking for a little idea nudging.

First and foremost…the most important thing when planning a hippie party is to spell it correctly – it is hippie, not hippy 🙂

Invites: It all starts off with the invites – this kicks off the vibe! One way to get your guests, and yourself, super excited is to send out invites that will reflect the scene at your party. You want your guests to open the invite and see that this will be no ordinary party!! I wanted something bright and different! My husband is a whiz on the computer (as we know from here) so he designed them, and we added a little party gift which was a small button badge for each person to wear to the party (we bought them off ebay).

Original Kombi found on the internet

My invite

The doors open to reveal the party details

Details (minus the stalker details)

This is how we made this invite: We found a photo of a red kombi on the internet and changed the red colour to hippie designs that we also found on the internet. Hubby then got a photo of me and put me in the front seat using Photoshop. He added someone’s arm that he also found on the internet, added bangles and a headband. We printed these out on photo paper and I then cut out the doors and the outline of the picture. On a separate piece of white cardboard we printed the van without the doors (in the place of the doors we had the party information). We then stuck the photo onto this cardboard and cut it out. We made sure that we did not stick the doors down, otherwise you can’t open them to see the writing! We stuck a map on the back and a fridge magnet. The hippie badge for our guests to wear were positioned as the door handles. It was a whole lot of fun to make!

The Scene: My party was held at my parents house, which is perfect for parties. They live on 7 acres with no close neighbours, an open plan design, bifold doors that open out to a deck, and a swimming pool area that connects to the deck. My dad is so clever – he built this house!

Most of my guests who had arrived at this stage.

The pool area.

We had a problem with lack of parking up near the house, and because of all the rain it was really muddy. We solved this by asking people to park at the bottom of the driveway. In the letter box they would find a walkie-talkie (and to their surprise a bag of hash – dried spinach – rolling papers and matches:) ). They radioed in their ride which was my dad in his 4WD complete with coloured lights (cellophane over the head lights), spinning disco lights inside the car and groovy az music…arriving to the party in true hippie style. We tried to turn a problem situation with parking into something fun that added to the feel of the night. My dad was very happy to do this as it gave him a chance to meet people on the ride up. When people went home, he took them back down to their car.

When people got out of the car we had glow stick bracelets flung up in the trees with rope lights lining the walkway to the entrance. I had bought some incense to burn in the garden so it smelled hippie-ish too, but when it came to lighting them, I couldn’t find them anywhere! The front door had beads hanging down for guests to walk through, which we picked up at an Op Shop. When our guests walked in they came to a table with all the name tags. Next to their name tag we had a shot of sour apple liquor for a bit of fun. This was a hit and really set the party scene!

Hubby amongst all the decorations

The party had HEAPS of lava lamps scattered around the place, a big fluro coloured swirl on the roof from a projector, a continual clip of old hippie bands playing up on the wall from another projector, bean bags and cushions, candles lit in glass pasta sauce jars that were painted in bright colours, fairy lights, hired lights that came with the karaoke machine, bright balloons and some with peace signs on it (thanks ebay), a slideshow of photos on the TV from my life, rope lights, fluro feathers hanging all over the place. It was colourful eye candy! I spent a bit of time on decorations cause I really wanted the scene to be hippie-fied and something people would remember. It was a lot of fun! I made chains of smiley faces, hearts, peace signs and flowers from colourful paper I bought at Officeworks and then laminated with laminating sheets also from Officeworks.

Dance off under the moving swirl. My husband found this swirl on the internet, changed the colours, and played it through a laptop which was hooked up to a projector. Too clever!

Costumes: Closer to the date we sent out this picture via email and facebook, along with a countdown “15 days, 7 hours, 42 minutes and 22 seconds” (you can work this out on the internet).

The photo we emailed out to guests before the party. Most people didn't realise this was my husband complete with wig and fake chest hair. Hilarious!

This was to give people a bit of an idea on the level of costumes that would be happening at the party, and to get them pumped up about it. It worked, and I had quite a few friends say they ‘upped’ their costume after seeing this photo. They went all out and it really made the night!

Some true hippie-stylers! These boys grew their beards just for the party much to the disgust of their beautiful wives!

Huggy Bear from Starsky and Hutch - male winner!

We put on the invite that we would be having a ‘Best Dressed’ competition, but at the party I forgot to hold the competition earlier in the evening (having way too much fun singing karaoke), so come people had already left. Oops! But we did have two winners who were voted by those still partying away.

Food: My friend Jodi, my mum, and I got a menu sorted out and decided on foods that were a little retro from the hippie era of the 60’s & 70’s. The day before mum, Jodi and I spent the ENTIRE day making dips, scrolls, cobb loaves, and more and more food. It was amazing!

One of my brother in-laws with some 'Pure Kirk' - hubby's homebrew ginger beer

We Loads of beer, white wine, red wine (the wine was in bottles and we had some caskets just in case we ran out…we didn’t), champagne, fruit poppers, soft drink and Pure Kirk (hubby’s homemade alcoholic ginger beer), punch and ‘spiked’ punch with vodka in it. For water, we bought a big contained with a tap on it from Coles. All the drinks were in big bright plastic round tubs filled with ice. I was so worried that the ice wouldn’t keep the drinks cool….but I think it worked out okay.

Activities: Everyone likes a bit of karaoke (even if they don’t like to admit it 🙂 ) from the hippie era so we hired a machine that had speakers, microphone, screen and lights for around the place. I was tossing up about whether to have karaoke or not as I wasn’t sure if people would participate…but I am so glad that I did! It is something a little different and keeps everyone amused 🙂 As the birthday girl, you get asked to join in on a lot of karaoke songs (which I didn’t mind of course) and I did feel like a bit of a karaoke-hog.

Karaoke queens!

Karaoke - Jodi (Foxy Cleopatra) and I belting out some tunes!


Karaoke AND limbo! Talent 🙂

We also played Pictionary. On the back of the name tags was either a love heart or a peace sign with a number next to it. This determined what team you were in. I had one small whiteboard and my iPhone as timer. I pulled out a number from a container and whoever had that number (and was from the team who had the next turn), they would come out and have one minute to draw as many things they could from the list. It was a nice way to get everyone mixing as I had friends and family from different groups so most people didn’t know everyone at the party.



Pass the Parcel was fantastic! I started off asking everyone to get into a large circle and in alphabetical order (mainly so people could meet and learn some names). Once we did that, we played pass the parcel. We had two going around and each time the music (from the hippie era of course) stopped the person holding the parcel would open the first layer and get a little prize (peace key ring, freddo, etc) and there they would find a dare. A lot of the dares included other people, e.g. you and the three people on your right have to … blah, blah, blah….. This was because we had so many people there and many didn’t know others. We didn’t want them to make a fool of themselves in front of everyone all alone 🙂 My friend Jodi and I had such fun thinking up these dares! Some were:

  • Sing happy birthday to the birthday girl in fake Japanese
  • With the person on your right, moonwalk backwards around the circle
  • Every time you need to use the toilet throughout the night, you need to ask permission using the microphone
  • Do your best kung-fu ninja move with sound effects
  • Fake laugh as loud as you can
  • Howl at the moon
  • pretend you are a calf and choose your mummy. You have to communicate that you are hungry without speaking
  • For the next hour, at the end of every sentence you must say “Yeah I’m good!!”

    Moonwalking backwards

    Kung-fu moves!

    One of the winners reading out her dare!

Photos: We had a rockin photobooth set up by my husband, where people could go in and hold the camera remote, take a photo themselves and see it appear on the laptop screen in front of them. It all ran by itself, complete with an instant hippie effect. Because it was digital, everyone could take as many photos as they liked….and there were HEAPS! After the party we put all the photos from the night from the PhotoBooth and the roaming photographer (hubby) on a CD and I will be giving it to all our guests to say thanks for making an effort to come along and celebrate my 30th.

The photobooth my husband made cause he is smart. You can see up on the wall in the background our 60's and 70's music clips.

Using the remote to take a piccie!

Cake: I left this to last as it was really incredible. I have written about it before on my blog which you can see here. My friend Jodi is a whizz at making birthday cakes and she is very creative so I asked her if she could make mine for me. I found a piccie on the net of a great rainbow cake that I loved and she made my cake even better than the picture. When it was time for the cake, it came out just plain with white icing. A bit boring. Then after singing happy birthday and cutting the cake it revealed layers of fluro goodness! There was a communal “oooohh” and “ahhhh” from my guests. The cake was too delicious as well, but as Jodi said, “not to be consumed if you have ADHD”, cause of all the food colouring. Ha ha!

Cutting the cake. Check out those bright colours baby!


My Community Cross-section: Dana

A blog series on the everyday people in my community.


Location of birth:    Toowoomba Queensland
Year I was born: 1969

Any family history: My ancestors were from Germany and Denmark, and came out 3 generations ago.  I have just found out that one of my ancestors (on my mum’s side) was German Royalty, like a king and has a Castle somewhere in Germany. Maybe I need to find out where and see if I can make my claim.

Jobs you have had: I worked as a checkout chick and then in the Manchester section at Big W at Kawana. Did the baby sitting gigs too. Also worked at vacation care while at uni. Then did some casual teaching until I got a job as a primary school teacher in Kimbe, West New Britian PNG, and then Goroka PNG. I was then a missionary with YWAM firstly in Brisbane, and then in Newcastle (as well as traveling with teams to different parts of Australia and the world). While doing the YWAM thing in Newy I also did part time paid work as a cleaner, and relief teacher. I then worked for a term as a Chaplain at Moreton Bay Girls College, and finally my current job as a Primary school teacher at Coolum Beach Christian College. 

Dana's Family at her 40th Birthday

Things you are passionate about: I am passionate about discipling children and helping them to get to know their creator. I also love creative stuff, especially having fun creating yummy food.

Kings Kids team outside Buckingham Palace

Things you don’t like: LOL I don’t like peas. I also don’t like people getting hurt, and horror movies.

Places you have lived:   I have lived In Tully in North Queensland. Maroochydore, Alexandra Headlands on the Sunny Coast. Then Brisbane Queensland.  Kimbe and Goroka PNG. Brisbane again. Then four different places across Newcastle, over 10 years there. Then Landsborough, Mudjimba and now Yandina back on the beutiful Sunny Coast.

Dream/goals as you were growing up: I wanted to be a librarian growing up – mainly because I loved books and if was a job where I didn’t have to deal with lots of people. I was really shy and not a people person so didn’t want a job that involved lots of people.

What was it like growing up: I so loved growing up on the Sunny Coast (a much quieter place than it is now), what a beautiful place to grow up. I was a really shy and quiet child who was bullied lots and really didn’t say much to anyone. I had just a few friends and lived in my own little world and was too scared to say anything in my classes at school. My brother and I had great times living near the beach and bush and spent so much time swimming in our pool.

Advice you would now give yourself as a child: Keep your eyes on God, He will never leave you and always be there for you no matter what you face.

With the Olympic torch

Life changing moments: Failing highschool and having to repeat my senior year of school so I could get to university to be a teacher, this really made me stronger and trust into God more.

Going to slums in Mumbai – we went to the slums in India on my DTS outreach and I was so impacted by how people lived in such poverty. I made the decision while there I could make a small difference through sponsering a child through compassion. Twenty years later I am sponsering my 4th child with them while others who I have sponsored grew up and were able to get jobs etc. 

Living in PNG – My tme is PNG was amazing, my first experience of living on my own and living overseas. I so loved the opportunities it gave me and taught me so much about teaching multicultural students.
Being dumped by my highschool boyfriend after 5 years for my cousin who is now married to him. This was a difficult time to work through but God was so faithful and my relationship with God was strengthened through this.
Travelling: Wow I so love travel I have been to: New Zealand, India, Singapore (twice), Malaysia, PNG, Canada (3 times), LA (twice), Atlanta and Washington state in the USA, Bankok Thailand. Cancun: Mexico, Fiji (twice), Western Samoa, American Samoa, If you count airports Also Tonga, Tahiti. London, Southampton and Dover in England, Brussels in Belguim, Luxembourg, Lake Lucerne in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Insbruck in Austria, Venice, Assisi, Rome, Florence, and Pisa in Italy,  Nice, Lyon and Paris in France, the south of Ireland, Jarkata, and Bali Indonesia.

Eiffel Tower



What do you think your future holds: Not really sure but I’m sure it will be an adventure.

I love creativity and seeing what amazing creative thing people are doing. I have joined a blog called creative everyday where I am challenged to do something creative every day, I don’t always meet this challenge but enjoy the challenge. I have started a blog called creatively challenged

Let me know if you would like to take part in this series.  Anyone is welcome!

Baby Shower Fun!

Today we celebrated the impending birth of a friend’s bubba.  It was such a beautiful day! Here are some pics I took of the baby shower.

Cupcakes - girl or boy?

The glowing mummy and I

Delicious Food

Pin the sperm on the egg in the uterus 🙂 Yes, I won.

Not even close!

Lovely ladies

Beautiful belly!

Lots of great games:)

Smelling and tasting the baby food in the diaper game 🙂

Jodes giving us the answers.

The gorgeous view and table

Such a fantastic day!

Girls at the Goldie

Sometimes a girls weekend away is due! There was no particular reason for our ‘escape’ – we came up with the idea, talked about it forever, finally booked it and enjoyed every second. My beautiful friend Jodes and I took off for two nights and giggled our way through a very relaxing and decadent stay on the Gold Coast.

What a beautiful place! We stayed at the Crowne Plaza at Surfers Paradise and filled our days with coffee, buffet breakfasts, beach night markets, eating, dinner in a revolving restaurant, eating, girly movies, cocktails, eating, exploring the coast, coffee, shopping at old bookstores, massages and facials at Tweed Heads, eating, and a fun trip to IKEA to finish us off. What a blast!

The view from our balcony

The Crowne Plaza pool - from our balcony. See the stretch hummer down there!

Metermaids - donate some $$ for a photo of the girls and the money goes towards breast cancer research.

Slurpees - our teenage water

Beautiful lights at the beach night markets in Surfers Paradise

Getting our fake tatts.

Surfers Paradise wanna-be queen!

A cool kombi we came across when we went exploring.

The start of our spa treatment.

After my 1 hour massage and Jodi

The border between New South Wales and Queensland

Sunset over Surfers Paradise. It really is paradise!

Gorgeous Jodi and a magnificent sunset!

Dessert at the revolving (not revolting!) restaurant on top of our hotel - Crowne Plaza

The seafood was FRESH!

Our view of Surfers Paradise from our table at the revolving restaurant during breakfast.

Jodi at breakfast.

Now that the restaurant has revolved around, we can see the beach now!

Dancing the Night Away – Prayer for Israel Conference

For the past 10 years I have been a part of a dance team that has been asked to dance all over the countryside.  We are a group of Christian women who worship through dance. Here is our missions statement:
The Jubilee Ministry Dance Ensemble is a Christian, Australian based Davidic praise and worship team, incorporating dance, flags and banners, all used to the glory of God. Our mission is to proclaim the word of God, through worship, over our nation Australia, as well as over the nation of Israel, in obedience to Psalm 122:6, to ‘Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.’ 

Our team is made up of the most beautiful group of women with incredible hearts. It is such a blessing to be in the team and minister with them.  We are definitely a family.

Last night we danced in Brisbane at the annual PFI (Prayer For Israel) Conference.

Our team, minus two.

'The Great South Land of the Holy Spirit'

A beautiful lady, Grace, doing her drama.

Dancing with the congregation.

Dancing 'Yeshua' with Susanna Galer singing.

Changeroom mischief. A spot of planking. We had a good laugh at this 🙂

My husband took came along and took these photos for us.  So many to choose from so you may see some more popping up here and there 🙂

Our Moroccan Themed Night!

I was told we were going to Bunnings to get some stuff for a herb garden cover.  I was told we might grab a coffee on the way. Little did I know that my husband had been secretly communicating through ‘Words with Friends‘ with one of my best friends!  We pulled up in front of Jodi & Chris’s place and I figured we must be picking something up or dropping something off.

No idea.

We get up to the steps and there is Moroccan music blaring, Jodes dressed up as bedouin beauty, and the lights in the house are out.

I still have no idea.

Chris and Jodi lead me to their balcony and BEHOLD – the most amazing set up is before my eyes.  The whole place has been transformed into a bedouin fantasy with drapings, cushions, roses, candles, palm leaves, gold stars and more! I supposed to be in Israel for my 30th and waking up in a Bedouin tent in the desert, hence the theme, but unfortunately we couldn’t go.

The four of us danced the night away with our jingly scarves (she bought for us to wear), ate the most incredible Moroccan food (Jodes, please comment below exactly what we had!), cocktails and such laughter.  It was perfect 🙂

Of course, Kirk set up his camera and it went off every couple of minutes with three shots in a row.  He put this together as a memento of the evening.  The singing at the beginning is actually Jodi! Kirk auto-tuned her voice and then created a Moroccan remix to go with our photo slideshow.

Check it out –