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Pick Your Side: Good or Evil?

The following poem speaks about the tragedy of good people doing nothing because they’re seemingly not being affected by what is happening around them. The writer, was referring to the Holocaust. He was a protester of Hitler’s anti-semetic regime.

First they came for the Communists, and I did not speak out –
Because I was not a Communist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out –
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out –
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me — and there was no one left to speak for me.

By Martin Niemoller 

The Holocaust

The Holocaust saw the murder of over 6 million Jewish people, headed by Adolf Hitler (the Nazi dictator and Chancellor of Germany) because they were simply….Jewish. This music video was filmed at Auschwitz, a concentration camp used in the extermination of the Jews during the Holocaust. You can see from the images the result of such a hate for people and what happens when people do nothing. Towards the end of this clip, you can hear some of the apology from the President of Germany to the Jewish people so make sure you watch to the end, even though it is emotionally difficult.

We can see this exact same anti-semetic attitude in our modern world today.  People have it in for Israel and their hate for the land and its people is fierce.

CURRENT: Anti-Semitism

PAST: Anti-Semitism

NOW: Anti-Semitism in France

Take the Flotilla incident and what the news titled as: ‘Israel Deadly Raid on Peace Ship.’ The news channels had a field day bashing Israel and anti-Semitism was out of control! A post written here gives you a good overview of how I felt about THAT.  The news was still against Israel even after evidence was revealed that crates of gas masks, knives, clubs, slingshots, bulletproof vests, and night vision goggles were on board. Why can’t Israel protect itself, especially from a group of people who openly hate Israel and attack it! The ship was supposed to be stopped and checked as usual…and those on board Flotilla refused…suspicious? I think what the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu says is true of Israel, ‘Guilty until proven guilty‘. In other words, always guilty.

Below I have copied a fantastic post written by Lara Berman. A very timely and crucial message!  I get sick and tired of seeing Israel battered and bruised by a biased media. Wake up people!

If Facebook represents the average Joe, G-d help us.

I log on to see “Go Egypt, Go!” as my friend’s status update.

My newsfeed reads, “3 people have liked the Virtual ‘March of Millions’ in Solidarity with Egyptian Protestors…who through Peaceful Demonstrations are Demanding Freedom and Democracy.”

Are we talking about the same demonstrations? ‘Cause, I gotta ask: which part is peaceful? The vans attempting to run over people in the streets? The kidnapping of journalists? The fire bombs? Hundreds of thousands of people (600,000+) joined this group.

I get the sense that here in America, most folks have no idea what they’re supporting. They hear “Egypt wants democracy” and without any further context, they’ve picked their side. I’m all for democracy too, by the way, but I’m hip to reality – institutions don’t materialize overnight. The U.S. government unwisely urges Mubarak to abandon his post yesterday – who do they suppose will fill that void? If these riots caught the world off guard, as everyone claims, then there are no political parties waiting in the wings ready to unveil their latest campaign slogans.

But there does seem to be one organized group in this story and that’s the Muslim Brotherhood. Yes, the common man started this swell, but the Muslim Brotherhood has fanned it’s flames across the Middle East. I’m skeptical that Yemen, Egypt, Jordan and Syria all had spontaneous outbursts within the same 2-week period without any behind-the-scenes coordination. Are we all buying that? I suspect, the events in Tunisia lit the match and the Muslim Brotherhood seized the opportunity to instigate this unrest in the hopes of furthering its hateful agenda.

Oh, but I spoke too soon! The Muslim Brotherhood’s not so bad. They’re misunderstood. Hey, they’re like the tea party! Or, evangelical Christians!

There is only so much political correctness and ignorance I can stomach. We’re so busy tolerating the intolerant! Let’s break this down. To understand them, let’s stick to who we know: ourselves. Our parents raised us to embody the morals and values that were important to them. Right? Sure. We’d all agree on that. Well, so too did the Muslim Brotherhood bring up their offspring, Hamas and al Qaeda with ideologies and world views critical to them.

Rather than simply threatened with it, do ABC’s journalists actually need to be beheaded for us to realize who we are dealing with? Are bruises and concussions not enough? Did Anderson Cooper need permanent brain damage to warrant the realization that these folks aren’t like lil’ Sarah Palin from Alaska?

People run the streets in Egypt like rabid animals, beating each other mercilessly. Our enemy, Iran is celebrating – that should be clue enough – and chanting “death to America.” Rage and blood thirst pours through my television set with every image, every interview, every live shot. But this is no movie.

Where is the leadership? Who will lead Egypt? “Democracy!” the West cries. But there are no heroes in this fight. We Americans love instant gratification, but forcing a make-shift, insta-election only provides fertile soil for a theft of power by extremists under the guise of democracy.

And speaking of leadership, Obama’s silence and disappearance this week spoke volumes to me and to the world.

The perceived success of these riots grants dangerous momentum to extreme Islam’s quest for a Muslim caliphate and the enforcement of global sharia law. The world is about to divide between those who agree with that world order and those who don’t; and Obama, as leader of the rest of us, of the free world, retired. He went behind closed doors. Unprecedentedly, he shut out the press. Today, due to pressure, he agreed to a press conference and answered one question. Hey, Mr. President, I know it’s tough to be unscripted.

Dan Gillerman, former Israel ambassador to the U.N. spoke in several news interviews recently. And I must say, after days on this volatile sea, his wisdom and experience shone like a lighthouse in the absence of our own captain.

In a New York City rally, a supporter of the Egyptian, common man’s cause held up a sign saying, “long live the Egyptian intifada.” The Muslim Brotherhood already stated its intention to wage war on Israel, dumping former peace treaties should they come to power, G-d forbid. Syria too decided to join in the fun; rallies have sprung up there. Synagogues and Torah scrolls already burn in Tunisia. Heinrich Heine, a German Jew said in 1821, “where they burn books, they will ultimately also burn people.” We are being given clues, messages to heed.

If there is one blessing in all this, it is that the difference between the “good guys” and the “bad guys” is glaringly obvious. As a young woman, this situation is the worst I’ve witnessed in my lifetime. The stakes demand strength of character from each of us. And even if Obama did this week, we must not choke.

I hope those entrusted with authority get smart fast and handle this delicate situation with wisdom. But meanwhile, may we, as lovers of freedom do our part. May we unite, be swift enough to put the pieces together, and have the strength of character to speak up for our way of life, for Israel, and for human Life, against those who wish for and glorify death. We have freedom. May we use it for good and may we win.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

– Edmund Burke

Videoing on my DSLR

I had a bit of a muck around trying to learn the ropes with my D90 DSLR using the video setting the other day. We have an older JVC video camera at home, and at work we have used Flip Cams, but my camera seems to be better quality.  It also has something to do with the lens you use (so I have been told).

I had my first go the other day filming our cat Panini.  It is a little tricky to manually focus on the object you are trying to film (moving cat) and work out the white balance and all that other camera lingo I am s.l.o.w.l.y learning. It is actually a pretty boring video and it took nearly 3 hours to upload to YouTube….

Yesterday I also created a movie of some students sharing what they love about our school and what their dream teacher is like.  I am presenting this movie during my staff devotion tomorrow morning so the teachers can feel a bit inspired and also see their job from the perspective of the students.  I wish I could post the video on here, but gotta watch the privacy and kids thing.

This weekend I am away with a girlfriend so will have more opportunities to practice!  I’m sure she won’t mind 🙂

Boys & Their Toys

I kept waiting to see my husband jump out from behind one of these bushes! A battle between Nikon and Canon.

My dad emailed this over as he knows how obsessed my other-half is with his cameras.  You can find this on Nikon Rumors too.

Our Moroccan Themed Night!

I was told we were going to Bunnings to get some stuff for a herb garden cover.  I was told we might grab a coffee on the way. Little did I know that my husband had been secretly communicating through ‘Words with Friends‘ with one of my best friends!  We pulled up in front of Jodi & Chris’s place and I figured we must be picking something up or dropping something off.

No idea.

We get up to the steps and there is Moroccan music blaring, Jodes dressed up as bedouin beauty, and the lights in the house are out.

I still have no idea.

Chris and Jodi lead me to their balcony and BEHOLD – the most amazing set up is before my eyes.  The whole place has been transformed into a bedouin fantasy with drapings, cushions, roses, candles, palm leaves, gold stars and more! I supposed to be in Israel for my 30th and waking up in a Bedouin tent in the desert, hence the theme, but unfortunately we couldn’t go.

The four of us danced the night away with our jingly scarves (she bought for us to wear), ate the most incredible Moroccan food (Jodes, please comment below exactly what we had!), cocktails and such laughter.  It was perfect 🙂

Of course, Kirk set up his camera and it went off every couple of minutes with three shots in a row.  He put this together as a memento of the evening.  The singing at the beginning is actually Jodi! Kirk auto-tuned her voice and then created a Moroccan remix to go with our photo slideshow.

Check it out –

Sunshine Coast Flood Video

We went for a drive yesterday to check out what the floods were up to (and to return a DVD).  Quite a few roads were still blocked off by water and quite damaged, and some homes are flooded.  Of course, this video was taken before the major downfall from last night and more rain and flooding today.

Here is some footage taken from a few different places on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.  Thankfully things are not as bad here as the flooding north and west, and now south of us.  The images on the news are devastating.

Geddan! Huh?

Geddan is Engrish for “get down” and it is a new dance craze – a mix between video game nostalgia, dance style and a music video.

It all started when Nintendo 64 gamers would be in the middle of playing the Golden Eye (James Bond) game and the characters would spastically spin or dance in one spot. The cause of this was an improperly inserted game cartridge.  These would be glitches that would occur during the game – very frustrating but funny as.  People would start purposefully “tilting” the cartridges and then grab the graphics to put with music, creating a new craze.  Then, of course, people took THAT to the next level and started filming themselves to make their own spasmodic dance clip.  You can find them all over YouTube.

To make a Geddan you need three basic steps:

  1. strike a pose
  2. pelvic thrusts
  3. shaking your hips

Here is a clip explaining where Geddan came from and how to make one.

We decided to make our own spin of the Geddan Dance by making a Geddan Dinner!  I think it will really catch on…