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Our Moroccan Themed Night!

I was told we were going to Bunnings to get some stuff for a herb garden cover.  I was told we might grab a coffee on the way. Little did I know that my husband had been secretly communicating through ‘Words with Friends‘ with one of my best friends!  We pulled up in front of Jodi & Chris’s place and I figured we must be picking something up or dropping something off.

No idea.

We get up to the steps and there is Moroccan music blaring, Jodes dressed up as bedouin beauty, and the lights in the house are out.

I still have no idea.

Chris and Jodi lead me to their balcony and BEHOLD – the most amazing set up is before my eyes.  The whole place has been transformed into a bedouin fantasy with drapings, cushions, roses, candles, palm leaves, gold stars and more! I supposed to be in Israel for my 30th and waking up in a Bedouin tent in the desert, hence the theme, but unfortunately we couldn’t go.

The four of us danced the night away with our jingly scarves (she bought for us to wear), ate the most incredible Moroccan food (Jodes, please comment below exactly what we had!), cocktails and such laughter.  It was perfect 🙂

Of course, Kirk set up his camera and it went off every couple of minutes with three shots in a row.  He put this together as a memento of the evening.  The singing at the beginning is actually Jodi! Kirk auto-tuned her voice and then created a Moroccan remix to go with our photo slideshow.

Check it out –

My Rainbow Cake!

I had an awesome hippie party for my 30th (which I have blogged about HERE) and my very clever friend made me the most incredible cake! She made the outside white so it looked plain….but then then when I cut it, wooowwwwzers!  There was a communal “oooohhhhh” sound from my friends and family as the psychedelic rainbow was revealed.

Me and the rainbow cake!!

Cutting the cake with some light shining out of my toosh.

Yeah, baby! Check it out!

My very talented friend (dressed up as Foxy Cleopatra) who made my cake.

We used doobie candles too!

What has been your best ever birthday cake?

Creativeness At Its Best – Made By Marion

I just can’t keep this blog to myself!  I subscribed to Made by Marion and I look forward to her new posts popping up into my email inbox every so often.  She is so talented and has an amazing eye for detail.  I ordered 10 new cards from Marion and I can’t wait to share them out.  Why buy any run-of-the-mill news agency card when you can get one of these for the same price…or even cheaper…and have them custom-made!

Some of her gorgeous creations: