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How our cat deals with the those chooks!

Yes, one of our chooks laid this massive egg today.

No, it doesn’t fit in the normal egg box.

Yes, this is our cat and chooks stalking her in the background.

No, Panini is not enjoying their presence one little bit.

Yes, this is Panini inside a mini cardboard box.

No, she is not headless.

Things just seem better when she shuts those chooks out.

The Other Woman…..

I walked in on it happening right there on the lounge.








Protecting My Herb Garden From CATS

She never had a chance.

One of the biggest hurdles when growing your own herbs or vegies are the invasion of pests.  My cats are not pests in my eyes….but they are when it comes to my innocent, defenceless baby herbs.  Also, I don’t like eating fresh food that has been growing in cat poo and cat wee infested soil.

At the creation of my herb garden we immediately set up some kind of “cage” to make sure our two beloved felines stayed out of it!

This seems to be a common problem…even for people who don’t own cats (beware of the neighbourhood cat). Our friends made a vegie patch a few years ago and had non-stop troubles with their two cats using the vegie patch as a sun tanning spot (the warmth of the soil) and kitty litter (yuck!). They tried nearly everything including sticking masses of paddle pop sticks into the soil so the cats would have no where to walk.  Still didn’t work.  They were persistent!

Once the cats have been in there, you are fighting an up hill battle.

So from the get-go we had to make sure there would be NO WAY our cats could get in and start a habit. This is what we came up with using what we had lying about in the garage. All that was missing were some laser beams and an armed guard.

Our makeshift herb garden protection from cats!

Now that the herbs are starting to grow they needed more space to be beautiful, so today we drove back down to Bunnings to grab some equipment to make a more permanent Fort Knox.  I watched a movie on the couch and my husband sewed up a storm. I love him.

My husband is the sewing legend! Whipping up a cover for my herb garden. True love.

The finished cover! Protects from not only cats, but frost when it arrives, bugs and other annoying things.

And finally, for a bit of a laugh 🙂