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Brisbane Day 3: Botanical Balls

Today we continued to slip into our gorgeous morning ritual. I would pop out of bed (I meant, stumble) and get presentable for society. Choof downstairs and across the street, which is already filled with ‘suits’, to grab our morning Zarraffa’s latte and then zip back upstairs to wake up properly and get more brushing my hair. I like people-watching, it seems that I especially like it in the city, so this has all been loads of fun for me. I like imaging what kind of jobs people have and what their life is like, where they are going and where have they been. I also love seeing how different people are – the way they look, their mannerisms, facial expressions, etc.

The view of the Albert Street below our 32nd floor apartment.

We did some more people-watching at the Brisbane Botanical Gardens this afternoon. We wandered the magnificent layout of the place and it was so peaceful. A little oasis of calm in the middle of the city rush. It was really quite spectacular! Everyone seemed to be working out – running, cycling, playing footy, gyming it up with a group and personal trainers. I must admit there were a few ‘lazy’ people (including us) sprawled out on the green grass reading or eating lunch or being all romantic with their partner.

We saw a school excursion taking place in the park and it was quite humorous to watch the teacher lead a massive class of Year 6 kids (Kirk asked the teacher what grade) trailed by a heap of parents, frantically asking people where the toilets were. Holidays just seemed so much sweeter at that moment. Ahhhh…..

No, the title of my post is very innocent just in case you were being naughty, and is in reference to a style of photography that I am trying to get the hang of. I posted about it here and here last week. My hubby got me all set up (after we had to move out of the way of an impending footy match) and taught me how to take a 360 degree panorama shot and then hubby put it together very cleverly.

Here is the result:

One of our Botanical Balls shots.

We actually got set up in a space that had a mini garden in the center and it was completely surrounded by giant palm trees. If you look closely you can see people around and behind the palm trees…and the footy match going on who kicked us off their turf in the west.

Then we went shopping again.

More shopping in the Myer Centre