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My Community Cross-section: Dana

A blog series on the everyday people in my community.


Location of birth:    Toowoomba Queensland
Year I was born: 1969

Any family history: My ancestors were from Germany and Denmark, and came out 3 generations ago.  I have just found out that one of my ancestors (on my mum’s side) was German Royalty, like a king and has a Castle somewhere in Germany. Maybe I need to find out where and see if I can make my claim.

Jobs you have had: I worked as a checkout chick and then in the Manchester section at Big W at Kawana. Did the baby sitting gigs too. Also worked at vacation care while at uni. Then did some casual teaching until I got a job as a primary school teacher in Kimbe, West New Britian PNG, and then Goroka PNG. I was then a missionary with YWAM firstly in Brisbane, and then in Newcastle (as well as traveling with teams to different parts of Australia and the world). While doing the YWAM thing in Newy I also did part time paid work as a cleaner, and relief teacher. I then worked for a term as a Chaplain at Moreton Bay Girls College, and finally my current job as a Primary school teacher at Coolum Beach Christian College. 

Dana's Family at her 40th Birthday

Things you are passionate about: I am passionate about discipling children and helping them to get to know their creator. I also love creative stuff, especially having fun creating yummy food.

Kings Kids team outside Buckingham Palace

Things you don’t like: LOL I don’t like peas. I also don’t like people getting hurt, and horror movies.

Places you have lived:   I have lived In Tully in North Queensland. Maroochydore, Alexandra Headlands on the Sunny Coast. Then Brisbane Queensland.  Kimbe and Goroka PNG. Brisbane again. Then four different places across Newcastle, over 10 years there. Then Landsborough, Mudjimba and now Yandina back on the beutiful Sunny Coast.

Dream/goals as you were growing up: I wanted to be a librarian growing up – mainly because I loved books and if was a job where I didn’t have to deal with lots of people. I was really shy and not a people person so didn’t want a job that involved lots of people.

What was it like growing up: I so loved growing up on the Sunny Coast (a much quieter place than it is now), what a beautiful place to grow up. I was a really shy and quiet child who was bullied lots and really didn’t say much to anyone. I had just a few friends and lived in my own little world and was too scared to say anything in my classes at school. My brother and I had great times living near the beach and bush and spent so much time swimming in our pool.

Advice you would now give yourself as a child: Keep your eyes on God, He will never leave you and always be there for you no matter what you face.

With the Olympic torch

Life changing moments: Failing highschool and having to repeat my senior year of school so I could get to university to be a teacher, this really made me stronger and trust into God more.

Going to slums in Mumbai – we went to the slums in India on my DTS outreach and I was so impacted by how people lived in such poverty. I made the decision while there I could make a small difference through sponsering a child through compassion. Twenty years later I am sponsering my 4th child with them while others who I have sponsored grew up and were able to get jobs etc. 

Living in PNG – My tme is PNG was amazing, my first experience of living on my own and living overseas. I so loved the opportunities it gave me and taught me so much about teaching multicultural students.
Being dumped by my highschool boyfriend after 5 years for my cousin who is now married to him. This was a difficult time to work through but God was so faithful and my relationship with God was strengthened through this.
Travelling: Wow I so love travel I have been to: New Zealand, India, Singapore (twice), Malaysia, PNG, Canada (3 times), LA (twice), Atlanta and Washington state in the USA, Bankok Thailand. Cancun: Mexico, Fiji (twice), Western Samoa, American Samoa, If you count airports Also Tonga, Tahiti. London, Southampton and Dover in England, Brussels in Belguim, Luxembourg, Lake Lucerne in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Insbruck in Austria, Venice, Assisi, Rome, Florence, and Pisa in Italy,  Nice, Lyon and Paris in France, the south of Ireland, Jarkata, and Bali Indonesia.

Eiffel Tower



What do you think your future holds: Not really sure but I’m sure it will be an adventure.

I love creativity and seeing what amazing creative thing people are doing. I have joined a blog called creative everyday where I am challenged to do something creative every day, I don’t always meet this challenge but enjoy the challenge. I have started a blog called creatively challenged

Let me know if you would like to take part in this series.  Anyone is welcome!

My Community Cross-section: Karli

A blog series on the everyday people in my community.


Name: Karli Farrow

Location of birth: Frankston, Victoria       Year I was born: 1976

Family history: Mum is Sri Lankan & came here when she was 16. Dad is an Aussie.

Jobs you have had: I worked from a young age, babysitting, (like many others; part of a babysitters club & a huge fan of the books!) I cleaned people’s homes from our church & all this was before I was legally allowed to have a job!

Once I was old enough I worked in the local fish & chip shop then the General store which was also the petrol station & post office. (Jack of all trades) While doing all of these jobs my Dad made me save nearly all of my pay which I cursed him for at the time but by the time I was 18 I could buy my own car, then I was thanking him!

I’ve also worked at Myer, Sea World & various other retail businesses. I am now a Beauty Therapist & Thermomix consultant & about to start training to become a Thermomix group leader.

Things you are passionate about: 
My family, my friends, my home & just life in general.

I LOVE Christmas, my Thermomix, sewing & all things creative or crafty, especially scrapbooking.

I love to cook, but not so much the ‘cooking’ part, I love to feed & nourish people. I love to entertain, have people in my home & provide them with some yummy food & a homely place to relax.

Things you don’t like: Scary movies!

Places you have lived: 
Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula (Beautiful place, just too cold!), Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast

Dream/goals as you were growing up:
 I’ve never really had any career aspirations, from a young age I really just wanted to be a wife, mum & homemaker. But now, since I’ve become involved with Thermomix I am excited about becoming a group leader & having a team to train, guide & mentor.

I’m a motivated person who likes to be busy, not crazy busy, just with things to do. I’m not one to sit idle.

Something that really sums up the person I’d like to be is from Proverbs 31.

It’s called “A wife of noble character” I’ve abbreviated it, to just the bits I find relevant…

-Her husband can trust her, & she will greatly enrich his life

She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life.

She gets up before dawn to prepare breakfast for her household & plan the day’s work.

She is energetic & strong, a hard worker.

She extends a helping hand to the poor & opens her arms to the needy.

She is clothed with strength & dignity, & she laughs without fear of the future.

When she speaks, her words are wise, & she gives instructions with kindness.

She carefully watches everything in her household & suffers nothing from laziness.

Her children stand & bless her.

Charm is deceptive & beauty does not last, but a woman who fears the Lord will be greatly praised.

Reward her for all she has done.

Let her deeds publicly declare her praise.

I love that!

What was it like growing up: I’m the eldest of 3 siblings & eldest of 17 cousins. My parents were always telling me that I’m a born leader, back then I was just bossy but I guess being the eldest of all of those kids was shaping me for the future.

I grew up on a farm; I learned to drive on a tractor! Weekends were spent riding BMX bikes or helping Dad herd the cows from one paddock to the next.

Advice you would now give yourself as a child: Where to start?!…

-Be confident in the person God made you to be.

-You can’t control everything, by all means prepare & plan but you don’t run the show.

Sometimes I still need to remind myself of this advice!

Life changing moments: 
3 instantly spring to mind, Eli, Noah & Jude! Meeting Glen is obviously a big one too. Who would have thought that a chance meeting in a bar could lead to the awesome life we have now!

As we parent the boys I continue to have life changing moments but their births especially were all life changing for me. Another thing I’m passionate about is natural birth. I’ll explain how I became to be so passionate about this…

When I was 19 I quit the primary teaching course I was studying at uni & moved to the Gold Coast -with a boy. I married that boy & found myself pregnant & in a very unhealthy relationship.

We ended up splitting up when I was 7 months pregnant so I moved back to Victoria & in with Mum & Dad. I did a bit of growing up in this time -as you do!

I couldn’t really get a job, who hires at 8 months pregnant?! I needed to focus on something & the upcoming birth was it!

I’d always been very interested in health & nutrition; I’d studied health education & human development at high school. But to learn what I could about birth I had to go to the local library (no internet then!)

I borrowed all the books I could on natural birth. What I learned was that women have been birthing babies for centuries & that our bodies are designed to carry & birth babies.

I learned that although we may need doctors & midwives during birth we don’t always need all the intervention that often comes with them.

I also learned a lot about water birth & how the water acts as a natural pain reliever & a relaxant, that contractions have a purpose & the more you resist them the more they’ll hurt & the longer & harder the labour will be.

I found that all of this knowledge empowered & prepared me for the natural water birth of Eli!

7 months after Eli was born I met Glen. He proposed on Eli’s 2nd birthday in front of our families & we were married the following year.

Not long after that I was pregnant again. I was a bit nervous in the lead up to Noah’s birth, was I just lucky the first time?

So I re read all the same books that had prepared me so well the first time & I prayed!

I had another beautiful water birth that I love reminiscing about. That so called luck came from learning all I could, keeping very positive & remembering that God made my body to be able to do this so trust him & everything that I’d learned.

Not long after that we moved here to the Sunny Coast & found out we were expecting baby number 3.

I started off on my usual birth preparation but to my dismay; Nambour general won’t let you have water births. We didn’t have private health insurance so Selengor wasn’t an option either.

It was then that I started thinking about homebirth. It was a confusing time, not sure about whether I should just give birth the ‘conventional’ way or pursue my desire to have another water birth. In between crying, (I was pregnant, tired & emotional!) I was praying.

A Bible verse that stood out to me was Isaiah 41.10

“Don’t be afraid, for I am with you.

Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God.

I will strengthen you & help you.

I will hold you up with my victorious right hand”

This verse just reassured me to keep going down the path of trying to have a natural water birth. Then, through some amazing circumstances I met a home birth midwife named Claire Hall. She believed all the same things that I did about pregnancy & birth. This is a quote from her website;

“I believe that pregnancy & birth is a natural life event & one that should be enjoyed without fear.

Birth is something that women are designed to do.

We need to trust, to love & to surrender & we will never cease to be amazed by the miracle that is the creation of new life, & the bringing of that life into the world.

Birthing a baby is one of the most beautiful & significant things that you will ever do.”

So Jude was born at home, in the bath (we had a big spa like bath) the whole experience was SO amazing, I could gush about it all day!

I love talking about my positive birth experiences; it’s easy to only remember the not so positive stories. My births were by no means pain free or easy but I was prepared, mentally & physically with a very positive attitude which I think makes a huge difference.

Don’t be afraid of birth, educate yourself, surround yourself with positive supportive people & trust your instincts.

And remember the advice I gave myself… You can’t control everything, by all means prepare & plan but you don’t run the show!

Travelling: I haven’t travelled outside of Australia. I love camping; Hervey Bay is my favourite spot.

What do you think your future holds: Who knows?! I could never have guessed that my life would take the path it has so far. I hope that I get to grow old with Glen & watch our boy’s grow up to be caring & content young men & that they give us lots of grand babies to love!

Let me know if you would like to be part of this series…anyone is welcome!

My Community Cross-section: Rebecca


Bec & her sweet little boy

Location of birth: Redcliffe, QLD

Year I was born: 1982

Any interesting family history: Hmmm… not sure… my hubby has a story that one of his ‘great’ Grandma’s was the Princess of Spain and she ran away here with an Australian? Not sure if it’s true. Most likely not. But he loves telling everyone he has ‘blue blood’. : )

Jobs you have had: (in no particular order – only as I remember them) McDonalds chick, Medical Receptionist, Maths Tutor, Rock Climbing & High Ropes Instructor, Summer Camp Facilitator, Retail Sales, Barista, Event Coordinator, Real Estate Admin Assistant.

Things you are passionate about: Family, cooking, interior design, creating things, life

Things you don’t like: Lying, cruelty, laziness, cold showers, law breakers.

Places you have lived: QLD, Sydney, Port Macquarie, Gosford, Blue Mountains

Dream/goals as you were growing up: I always wanted to be an Architect growing up, until I went to Sydney for work experience and realised how long you had to go to uni for! I still love it though.
I’ve also wanted to be a vet, dr, flight attendant and many more things.

What was it like growing up: It was fun. We were always playing practical jokes on each other, bouncing rubber balls down the hallway, jumping off balconies into pools, that sort of thing. It was near the beach too… which was so nice to be able to just get away too and think.

Advice you would now give yourself as a child:
Have more fun & work harder. (oxymoron I know)
Learn more about money.
& Pay less attention to boys.

Life changing moments: Getting married. Having a child. Quitting my job and working full time in my own business.

Travelling: LOVE to travel. I travelled around the US for 9 mths working at a summer camp, visiting friends etc, just backpacking, it was a wonderful trip! Can’t wait to go overseas again and I’m hanging out for Japan someday with my hubby and son.

What do you think your future holds: I have no idea. But it will be an exciting journey!

Extras: I wish I was good at deciding to do one thing. I like to do so many things that I get easily distracted.
I do love what I’m doing now. Working from home for myself, with my husband ( and being there for my little boy.

My Community Cross-section: Jodi

A blog series on the everyday people in my community.


Jodi & her husband Chris

Location of birth: Durban, South African

If overseas, when and why did you move to Australia: At the age of 22, after being married for exactly one year, my new husband and I moved to Australia for a work-and-travel-maybe-stay-forever stint… that was 8 ½ years ago and we are now citizens!

Year I was born: 1979

Interesting family history: My Dad’s family is Polish-Jewish and they fled Poland during the war to South Africa and in the process, lost an ‘f’ in their surname (Hofmann) in an effort to disguise their Jewish blood and survive the slaughter! Mums side of the family is French / Afrikaans. My maternal grandmother had 4 children at a very young age and then lost her husband in an accident. She was so poor that she had to put all 4 children (whom she brought up Afrikaans) into an orphanage as she couldn’t even afford to feed them. Then she met my grandpa who married my granny and brought all 4 kids home and then went on to have 2 more together: my Mum and aunt – whom they brought up English which created the unique scenario of a blended English / Afrikaans family where different kids have different 1st languages!

Jobs I have had: Self-employed from the age of 15 years old, making chocolates and selling them at school to make enough money to fund an entire months worth of spending money on a family trip to Israel. I’ve managed the family delicatessen, waitressed, Grade One teacher, Travel Agent for 5 years and now I am a Domestic Engineer.

Things I am passionate about: my faith, Zumba, exercise, food, baking, cooking, my Thermomix and party-planning! My family are the most important thing to me and I am in constant pursuit of getting the delicate balance right which, I am the first to admit, I fail miserably at most days and so I do rely heavily on G-d to get me through the day.

Things I don’t like: Gossip, fake people, the smallness of our home (a work in progress, renos TBA…), living far away from my big brother, drama, drama, drama.

Chris & Jodis Wedding

Places I have lived: South Africa (born and bred), Wissembourg, France and Australia. I was a Rotary Exchange Student in France during my first year out of high school – it was the BEST year of my life! Every month I was in another European country, eating, drinking, sight-seeing, immersing myself totally in the culture. By the time I went home I was totally fluent in French and could only think in French, dream in French and I even (allegedly) talked in my sleep in French! (Parlez-vous?!)

Dream/goals as I was growing up: I wasn’t too much of a forward thinker in this regard although I do remember at one point having aspirations to be a fairy?! I was very keen on public relations and event management which I still regret not pursuing. I was keen to become to a flight attendant too but coming from a country emerging from the shadow of apartheid, most job opportunities went to people of colour and unfortunately I didn’t fit that category. I ended up completing my teachers diploma which I loved doing.

What was it like growing up: We have a very close-knit family of 4 and we went on a lot of memorable family holidays – mostly coastal holiday homes and caravanning in the mountains. The coastal holidays involved a lot of fishing, cray-fishing, musseling and dune-jumping. The caravanning involved camp-fires and marshmallows, tubing down the rapids, swimming in creeks, family pranks! We did the long driving thing too from Durban to Cape Town over a few days, staying at little tiny towns along the way, with my big brother and I giggling and fighting in the backseat from wo-to-go!

Advice I would now give myself as a child:

Jodi & her big brother

Being close with your brother is the best thing you can do growing up as you will have a lifelong friend who you can always rely on to be there for you.

Teenage girls are mostly bitches and they are just jealous of you which is why they talked about you behind your back and often sent you home in tears – thank goodness for boy… friends! Get into a healthy eating routine while your metabolism works in your favour, you won’t always be able to famously eat whatever you want and remain 57kgs… trust me! Be patient – your best friends in life are yet to come and once you meet them, it will be like you’ve known them all your life 🙂

Travelling: Quite a bit but I have the travel-bugs eating me up and just wish my budget would comply! I’ve been to Israel twice, travelled extensively around South Africa (mountains, beach, desert, the big wild animal reserves and more!), I lived in France for a year which allowed me to visit Germany, UK, Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Czechoslovakia and Turkey. I’ve also done a fair bit around Australia: Uluru, most of the Whitsunday Islands, Great Ocean Rd, Sydney as well as the usual Aussie-abroad trips of Thailand a few times, Vanuatu, New Caledonia and New Zealand. It sounds like a lot but I haven’t even scratched the surface!

Beautiful Aliya

Life changing moments: Holding my eldest daughter while she died in my arms when I was at the tender age of 24. After a naively perfect pregnancy my waters broke at 40 weeks and an hour later I was at the beginning of our worst nightmare, except I wasn’t able to wake up from it. We (the baby and I) had a very rare, undiagnosed condition called Vasa Previa (not placenta previa) which affects 0.0003 pregnancies or something ridiculous along those lines. There are 2 kinds of which I had the rarer (typical) which involved my placenta having another tiny piece of placenta attached to it by a blood vessel which ran across my cervix. When my waters broke the membrane ruptured that blood vessel and I was bleeding out (by bleeding, I mean absolutely GUSHING) profusely and no one could tell me what was going on. The Dr arrived an hour after that and my worst birth scenario became a reality – having my baby under general anaesthetic. In record speed I was shaved, pierced with an IV, catheter shoved in and put under with so much anaesthetic it took me days to wake up. On being shaken awake I was told that my baby was very sick, that ‘it’ had lost a lot of blood and that they didn’t know why but the baby had to be transferred to the Neonatal ICU at Royal Brisbane. I was told I’d had a boy but they weren’t sure as they had to resuscitate the baby for 10 minutes when she was born with an Apgar score of 1 – technically dead. Later they said she was grey, almost transparent in colour from blood loss. While I was still under, my husband was pacing the corridors of the hospital and heard them calling for blood – he thought it was for me. I soon found out that I’d had a baby girl and we named her Aliya which, as it turns out, means “to go up” in Hebrew. I followed her to the Royal later that afternoon blissfully unaware of the severity of the situation. I, along with my parents, brother, mother-in-law, sister-in-law and husband, spent the next 5 hours glued to her side in the ICU praying for Aliya, singing to her, talking to her and gazing at the perfection of her chubby, pink little body. Luckily my clever husband had his video camera with him and we have about 40 minutes of us with her including a few times when I was talking to her and she opened her sleepy little eyes to look at me. She was twice the size of the other babies in the ICU and unlike the other tiny patients who shared a nurse, she had her own one dedicated to her and I was informed that despite appearances she was the sickest bubie in the whole neonatal icu and they still didn’t know why! At 10pm my family went home and my husband and I tried to sleep in our little room in the ward – me still reeling physically from major abdominal surgery. At midnight we got a call to say that we needed to go back down to see Aliya as she was deteriorating. I held her greying body in my arms, tubes, pipes and monitors all still attached. Her best blood pressure had been 40/30 which is barely passable. At this stage we were lucky to crack double digits. Then, with my family and husband around me we took turns saying goodbye and kissing her on her head, all the time, I was in denial, not believing that this was actually happening – certainly not without a medical reason! At 5:47am on the Sunday morning, exactly 25 ½ hours after she was born, she took her last breath on life-support. Her heart rate shot up to 189, then down to 20 and then, just like in the movies, she flat-lined. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. Silence. Deafening silence and pain which gripped at my chest like the whole hospital building was actually sitting on my chest. It was a physical pain which literally left me struggling to breath, for the next year, I struggled to breath from grief. This is the short version of my story. My long version involves all the obvious steps of grief, my own personal ‘faithquake’ including visions from G-d, anger, confusion, counselling, more tears than I thought possible for the body to produce in such a continuous stream, true friends and a husband who, in my eyes, became a goliath of a man and picked up the shattered pieces of his wife off the floor and physically nursed me while I sobbed myself to sleep at night. 6 1/2 years on and we have 2 perfectly healthy, adorable daughters (2 ½ and 3 ½ years old) who crack me up, make me furious, keep it interesting and continue to ask me about their big sister Aliya who lives in heaven with Jesus.

Chris & Jodi pregnant with Aliya.

Jodi holding Aliya with her husband, dad, mum & brother.

Jodi & Aliya

What does my future hold: No more babies (my beautiful family is complete), lots of Thermomixing, Zumba instructing, possibly cert 3 & 4 in fitness down the line, waaaaay too much chocolate and thus the eternal pursuit to lose my child-bearing weight (when does that excuse run dry?). Hopefully some renovations and extensions to our lovely little (emphasis on the ‘little’) family home and perhaps even a party-planning business – who knows?! I aspire to be an old married couple with my eternally patient husband and to keep enriching the friendships with my few incredible girlfriends who I am currently blessed with in life.

Jodi & her gorgeous girls doing makeup.

Let me know if you would like to take part in this series.  Anyone is welcome!

My Community Cross-section: Katrina

A blog series on the everyday people in my community.


Location of birth: Sydney, Australia

Year I was born: 1981

Family history: My dad (only child) was born in Ireland and moved with his mum and dad to England, then on to Australia. He was a surfer dude, and met my blonde-bombshell Aussie mum (youngest of 4 and only girl) in Sydney, Australia.

Jobs I have had: babysitter (like most teenage girls), waitress at a Chinese Restaurant where they recycled their straws, the Beach House Restaurant & Nightclub which was lame, a pharmacy, Angus & Robertson bookstore (loved this job, LOVE books!), a resort cleaner in Noosa which was actually quite fun, worked with disabled youth to teach them life skills, cinemas, and finally a preschool turned prep turned primary school teacher.

Things I am passionate about: my relationship with God (let’s not call it a ‘religion’ please, cause it is not), Israel, educating people and educating myself, my marriage.

Our wedding 2003

Hobbies and interests I have: being creative (painting, dance, craft), being outdoors, camping, volleyball, learning about things I am interested in, the Australian Outback.

Things I don’t like: children being harmed, people who abuse other people’s boundaries on purpose, people who are fake and pretend they are someone they are not, silly mind games.

Places I have lived:
I grew up in the most beautiful little coastal town called Bundeena which is located in the heart of the Royal National Park in Sydney. The community was quite close-knit and we all bonded over sports and wildlife rescue (WIRES). My family & I then travelled around Australia for 6 months & fell in love with Port Macquarie. I did my last few years of primary & all my high school there & met my future husband as well. After school I got into the Sunshine Coast University so we moved to Noosa. Then we lived in Pacific Paradise & Yandina (both on the Sunshine Coast).

My brother and I

Dream/goals as I was growing up: When I was really young I remember watching ‘Kindergarten Cop’ and wanted to be a kindergarten teacher so bad (later to become true in real life), then I wanted to be an art teacher, then it changed to becoming a vet but my dad told me that I would probably have to put my hand up a cow’s bottoms.  So, I changed my mind to becoming a marine biologist (love dolphins) but my dad told me that I would probably have to put my hand up a whale’s bottoms. Thanks dad. Then a graphic designer, and I finally settled on being a teacher.

When I was little I dreamt of changing my name to Maria. So can you guess what most of my dolls were called?

What was it like growing up: We had the best childhood!  The majority of our weekends would be spent out in the bush with the 4WD club, camping, bush walks, and the beach.  We had a very active, grounded and outdoor-oriented family full of adventure seeking.  When I was 10 and my little brother was 8, our family packed up and travelled around Australia for 6 months – the ultimate BEST experience of my life.  I think I will have to blog about this soon.

Advice I would now give myself as a child: don’t sweat the small stuff.  In the scheme of things it is nothing. Believe in God now, He really does change your perspective on life and brings so much goodness into it.

Pure ecstasy – my first taste of chocolate!

Something I want to do before I die: Hopefully have children, that is on the radar and we are working on it.  Travelling around Australia and experiencing it as either a couple or a family is definitely on cards no matter what.  It has been a dream of ours for a very long time.

My husband and I

Let me know if you would like to take part in this series.  Anyone is welcome!

My Community Cross-section: Bethany

A blog series on the everyday people in my community.


Born: Buderim on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
Year of Birth: 1989

Some family history: My mums step dad almost made it into the Olympic Games. He was doing the race to get in and hurt his hamstring muscle. You can look him up in Google: Brian Butterfield….he loves to talk about it. My mums dad died when she was very little.

Jobs I have had: I first started babysitting for family and friends. My second job was working at the Coffee Club. I have also done Vacation Care. I almost started working at Kids Plus Day Care in Coolum, but instead I started doing relief Teacher Aide work ….and have been now doing that full-time for just over two-years.

What I’m passionate about: I LOVE babies and little kids….they are amazing and so cute. I was talking to someone today who just had a baby and there was another newborn near us that was crying. I turned to her and said I love newborn cries….she looked at me like I was weird…but I think it is cute cause the baby is trying so hard to make it as loud as they can, but it is still such a tiny cry. People ask me how I can work with little kids and enjoy it.I love the cute things they say and do. Sure, all babies and kids have their moments but I just try to remember the cute moments. I care about doing the right thing with these kids and showing them how to behave at school. I could spend hours and hours with babies. When I hear someone has had a baby or I see someone with a baby I just want to come and look after that baby. If I see someone struggling with their baby I so want to just go and help them. Today my friend’s newborn wasn’t wrapped in a blanket and I had to fight myself to not just pick up the baby and the blanket and wrap that baby up. See I know that newborns love the feeling of a blanket wrapped around them …it reminds them of being in the womb and they feel secure and safe….it is very hard for me sometimes to fight myself.

Things I don’t like: Doctors who think you don’t know anything.

Places I have lived: When I was little I lived in a house which we called the ‘blue house’ because it was blue. Then we moved because my mum was pregnant with my sister Ellie and we lived in a brick house. Then we moved again because mum was pregnant with my brother Isaiah, we lived in that house for 18 years….until in burnt down in a fire. Now we live in Peregian Springs. The first three houses we lived in were at Coolum Beach.

Dreams: I wanted to be a lot of things when I was little. I couldn’t make up my mind! I wanted to be a mum, a firefighter, a vet (until I was told I would have to put animals down), a pet shop owner (but thought I wouldn’t want anyone to buy the puppies and kittens), work at a child care with the babies (I didn’t want to work with prep-aged kids…I just wanted to be around babies). I would have never had guessed that I would be working with prep-aged kids and loving it.

Growing Up and Memories: Being in a big family has always had it’s ups and downs. When we get together it gets very busy and loud but fun. When I was in Grade One my 16 year old brother had a major head injury. It was tough going to visit him and not having him remember my name.

I think it’s annoying when doctors say that children under 2 can’t get asthma….I got asthma before I was 2 …my sisters did too…my nephew did also. Doctors don’t like listening when you say that though, they have always been taught that you shouldn’t normally diagnose a child under 2 as having asthma. I have argued over this with a few doctors.

We used to have pet chickens and ducks. My sisters and I used to get our chicken and take it up to the veranda to dress it up and pretend that it was our baby. When we were finished playing, instead of walking back down to the chicken pen, we would just drop them off the verandah and into the pen. Mum didn’t know that was what we did until just recently 🙂

When my older sister had friends over she wouldn’t let anyone into her room but would let me in because I would just sit there and not say anything.

Mum tells me that I didn’t have a first word…I said a whole sentence instead. I was very quiet and everyone would call me squeak.

I have very thick hair and when we would go to the beach my dad would call me ‘hair with legs’ and ‘Cousin It’. He said that all you could see when I was running along the beach was all this hair and two little legs!

I used to, and still do, get called Boo, Boo Boo, Bethy Boo and Boo Boo Bear by my dad. He called me that because of Boo Boo Bear from Yogi Bear.

When I was in Grade Three, dad came to my classroom to tell me that Denelle, Jake and Abe’s dad had died from a heart attack. I started crying and he asked me if I wanted to go home with him but that mum, Denelle, Jake and Abe would be there and they would be very sad…so I decided to stay at school. Everyone in my class came up to me at lunch time and they thought dad had come to get grumpy at me. I had only told one friend why he came and saw me and so she told everyone to leave me alone. All I remember thinking is that I wanted to go home now.

My brother wanted to change his name to Spike cause he had a spiky hair cut. He wrote on everything that he owned the name Spike Andews.

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