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To my dearest brethren and sisten…

A few weeks ago I was in the car with my mum when I asked her to quickly pull over to the side of the road – you see, I had spotted a hammer lying there – just out in the open with no owner. I picked it up just for my hubby as I knew he would be so very proud of me.  There is a bit of history for him and his family regarding road trips and finding items. It was not uncommon for him, his four brothers and sister to be seen on the side of the road picking up something for their dad when had he spotted something like rope, plant pots, rope, plants pots, and many other things but mainly rope and plant pots. So now when the siblings see something on the side of the road they have a chuckle to themselves, or  take a pic of the item and text it around for everyone to reminisce over.

So here I was, picking up a hammer and then a few days later some packing tape! I was on a roll!

My hubby sent me the below email tonight which he had also sent to his brothers and sister. As soon as I read it, I knew I had to put this up here and share my finds.

To my dearest brethren and sisten,

I writeth to you this splendid evening of the eighth month with grand news that may warm your hearts.
Although I dust know that you all anticipate news of an infant forthwith, this news is not that.
I bring you news of a different kind !
Some moons ago I was home alone and my wifeth returned to me, carrying with her much glee !
She wished my proudest blessings be on her for doing such a deed that deserveth it.
My dear wife had gleaned a discarded hammer from the sideth of the road as she drew near our home! 
And yet a few sunsets afterwith did she also glean some packeth tape from another road !
Oh Brethren !
This news I bring is news of one that was a Vagg only by name but now a true Vaggeth within !
I shall be playing the glad game for many moons to come ! Will you not join me?
Look-eth and see-eth the Hammer and Packeth tape belowth –
Yesth, I am bored.
True story though !
So after 13 years of being together, finding things on the side of the road and being bothered to pick it up is starting to take it’s toll and rubbing off on me 🙂