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Finest & Foulest of Your Week

Just for a bit of Friday fun…

What was your finest and foulest moment of your week?

Here’s mine:

FINEST: Celebrated my 30th birthday on Thursday and it was awesome. My husband took me out and we also decided to catch a movie (“Just Go With It“) at the last-minute. It ended up being a function that we were welcome to join, so instead of paying $25 each for the ticket, they just gave it to us for $12 each, which included the movie and drinks provided – wine, soft drink, beer, champers.  It was a lovely surprise!

FOULEST: My husband opened the car door as someone was pulling in beside him and they hit our door.  He managed to fix it so it will shut, but our car is looking worse for wear with the dints in the front, paint peeling on the roof and bonnet and now a funny door.  This is our first un-bomb car and it is starting to feel and look like the cars we use to buy for $300 when we were first married.

What about you?