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Everyone Collects Something?

I have never really been one to collect things.  One exception would be when I was in primary school and my friend and I started to collect the coloured tips of pencils when they broke off.  We used to store our treasures in little Itty Bitty Bins and we would draw out mansion plans that we would live in together when we were older.  We had a whole room set aside just for these coloured pencil tips and we dreamed of filling that room up to the roof.  As you can see, I was not the best at collecting practical things.  My husband used to collect the old phone cards when he was little and we still have his quite substantial stash somewhere…..I have no evidence of my pencil tips.

Only as I have gotten older have I really begun to hoard certain things – journals and notebooks, diva earrings, cute stationary (don’t get me started on the Typo shop!), fiction books……  but my biggest collection frenzy are the Usbourne Art and Craft books that you can get through Scholastic or any legendary bookstore.  Whenever I come across a herd of these books in a shop, I have to really hold back from buying the lot.

Here are some of my that books I love collecting!

It is not just the pretty pictures and fantastic ideas, but I have a practical slant to my collection fetish. I use these books every week for Art with my Year 4 class, when I teach Year 5 art, and when I used to teach Year 7 and 8 art.  The activities are brilliant and easy and teach a whole range of techniques!

Here are a few samples of what my class has made so far this year –

Glad Wrap & Watercolour Paints

Magazine Faces

Food Dye, Crayon & Black Paint

What do you like to collect?