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Sexy Hotness

Tonight I had a massive urge to be camping in the uninhabited bush under the stars with my favourite person in the whole world, so I started to Google some pics of camping to fulfill that urge, and look what I came across….

The website for Sexy Hotness says: Despite its 20° rating, our Sexy Hotness sleeping bag gets extra toasty when you add body heat. Zip two or more together and get snuggling, spooning, or sporking! Bonus alert: when you’re chillin’ solo, you can easily walk around, take a leak, and free your arms. Sexy!

Interesting, and did you know the word ‘sporking’ is not recognised by WordPress? Who’d have thunk!

Now where was I? Back to camping. Oh that’s right, I was here………

The perfect view to wake up to...cosy stillness.

The best way to eat marshmallows - burnt.

There is nothing imperfect about this picture. Sums up all the feelings of camping for me.

The BEST camping dessert - two ingredients.

Me: sitting in my camp chair with a glass of red (and insect repellent).