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I am a Total Potato Head.

This is number 3 of my 5-part meal post.

A hot, steamy, fluffy spud is sometimes all I ever ask for (except for a spoon of Nutella of course!).  I think it comes from my Irish father, and his love of potatoes growing up…perhaps ingrained in our genes?

My dad’s taste for potatoes began with his love of the vegetable  kind, but then he took it one step further and he nicknamed his only daughter, his first-born, me – affectionally….spud.  Now you can see the reason for my blog name. It is just not because I am a potato obsessor, but it is a childhood reference to my quite large (fine…massive) head, and to make matters worse, I was bald for quite sometime as a baby, so yes the name did catch on, even to this day.  Although I believe it is more proportionate now….

My gorgeous round head.

I just can't seem to keep my spud-head upright.


So now we have all had a good laugh, I’ll get back to being a bit more serious.  ‘Unearthing the Spud’ represents an uncovering/discovery/understanding of myself (the spud part).  It is also mirroring the way things can sometimes be hidden (the vegetable spud…you would have a hard time hiding the spud-head) for it to be then revealed at the right time.  Just like how God reveals things to us in certain times of our lives.

That explains my blog title, but now let me get back to food.

I love having people over and cooking up a mass of spuds in the oven that have been pricked by a fork, covered in olive oil and a sprinkle of cracked pepper and sea salt.  Chuck in the oven for an hour until cooked through.  Serve on a big platter with bowls and bowls of toppings.  Sour cream is a MUST, bacon/ham, shallots, red capsicum, mushrooms, mince, cheese, guacamole, salsa, tomato, baby spinach, beans, etc. It is a really laid-back, social way to eat. Once we had a visitor from Japan.  A teacher who wanted to spend a night in a real Aussie home.  We served her baked spuds and she had never tried them before.  The sour cream freaked her out a little, but she ended up loving it.  We even chucked in some kangaroo to the choices of other toppings, which she devoured.  It is always a compliment to see a tiny, skinny person woof down food that you make!