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Not So Simple Living With No Television

I have always craved a sense of the simple life. I love all the old movies and photographs of families taking their time at dinner to laugh and talk, be out in the garden and enjoy the fresh air, go for long leisurely walks with no time limit of trying to squeeze in some¬†exercise cause ‘I have to’, even as far as moving out to the sticks and being self-sufficient while living like a hermit (working on this one ūüôā ).

I'll take it!!

When we built our home, we decided not to get a TV antenna straight away.  Not for any deep reason, just because we had other things to spend the $300 on.  After a few weeks we began to enjoy our TVless home. We read books, went for nightly walks together, had long baths, did paintings, went to bed when we were actually tired (gasp!). It was perfect and just how I wanted my life to be. Simple and uncluttered and unrushed.

This was us without TV - minus the children, sewing puff, tie, pearl necklace...well, only the board game really.

The only problem was we had absolutely no idea what was happening in the world around us. I remember one night sitting in our Home Group and someone began praying for the new President Obama…..wait! What? ¬†When did this happen?? We knew about the election and who was in it, but had no idea a president had already been chosen two days beforehand. Oops! ¬†I ended up saying to mum, “if Australia ever gets invaded, please ring me. ¬†We will probably have no clue and be sitting outside having a lovely cuppa and in the meantime the world is ending.”

In our own little world

To help with the lack of¬†current-event¬†information in our lives, we got the newspaper¬†delivered. ¬†The newspaper thing was a bit of a success at first and then a bit of a fail as I would try to get up early to flip through the pages to get to the good stuff I was after. I am not an early, early morning person so this almost-habit didn’t last very long. ¬†Soon we had a pile up of newspapers and it got too overwhelming. I felt defeated cause there was no way I could catch up on all the news.

I turned to the internet, but spend ages finding the most important news and I felt that this was going against the reason for not having a TV in the first place.

The radio was heavenly and I would love to bake and cook while listening to the radio….problem is back then I didn’t bake or cook, so I just lied to you, sorry. If I did bake or cook, it was in very brief spurts! The terrible wife award is sitting on my unused stove. ¬†So the radio became a bit of a pain as I would find myself sitting at the bench (near my award) listening to bits of news, music, ads and crazy talkback. I guess I did learn some weird stuff. ¬†I would then try to remember to switch the radio on to catch the news….and then forget and then……hmmm, maybe I was just trying too hard to be simple and it was causing more unsimpleness.

We crumbled and got a TV antenna put in after 2 years without having one, but decided we really enjoyed our new lifestyle without it being on in the house so we got Tivo. ¬†Tivo records everything you are interested in and all you have to do is set up a Season Pass where Tivo will record all the shows in the series you like. We just pop the TV on to watch the SBS World News when we are home and I am cooking ūüôā (Yes, I have improved my culinary skills thanks to my Tilly….more on her later).

So the lesson I have learnt from all this? TV, for me, is a time waster and brainspace absorber unless I use it properly. ¬†I just have to control myself (when Desperates, Packed, Revolution, Moderns, etc are all showing in the same season it is HARD! Yikes!). We watch Tivo when we need a brain break, I listen to the radio in spurts, I love being on the internet cause I…love it and that is enough of a reason for me.

I also need to know what is happening in the world so I can discuss these things with my students….unless I just teach them how to bake.

And finally to leave you with something to think about…..

…and no, watching TV is not a job……or is it……