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Girls at the Goldie

Sometimes a girls weekend away is due! There was no particular reason for our ‘escape’ – we came up with the idea, talked about it forever, finally booked it and enjoyed every second. My beautiful friend Jodes and I took off for two nights and giggled our way through a very relaxing and decadent stay on the Gold Coast.

What a beautiful place! We stayed at the Crowne Plaza at Surfers Paradise and filled our days with coffee, buffet breakfasts, beach night markets, eating, dinner in a revolving restaurant, eating, girly movies, cocktails, eating, exploring the coast, coffee, shopping at old bookstores, massages and facials at Tweed Heads, eating, and a fun trip to IKEA to finish us off. What a blast!

The view from our balcony

The Crowne Plaza pool - from our balcony. See the stretch hummer down there!

Metermaids - donate some $$ for a photo of the girls and the money goes towards breast cancer research.

Slurpees - our teenage water

Beautiful lights at the beach night markets in Surfers Paradise

Getting our fake tatts.

Surfers Paradise wanna-be queen!

A cool kombi we came across when we went exploring.

The start of our spa treatment.

After my 1 hour massage and Jodi

The border between New South Wales and Queensland

Sunset over Surfers Paradise. It really is paradise!

Gorgeous Jodi and a magnificent sunset!

Dessert at the revolving (not revolting!) restaurant on top of our hotel - Crowne Plaza

The seafood was FRESH!

Our view of Surfers Paradise from our table at the revolving restaurant during breakfast.

Jodi at breakfast.

Now that the restaurant has revolved around, we can see the beach now!