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Farmer K

Farmer K is the name I was given by my mother-in-law when I would come over to visit their farm. They had chooks (I get busted by hubby if I call them ‘chickens’ – so “unaustralian”), geese, goats, ducks, quail, cats and bees…all living harmoniously together. I would put her gum boots on and go out to feed some of the animals and this is how I picked up the name ‘Farmer K’.

I can see this ‘prophecy’ coming true of late with our back-to-basics, long-time life goal. We started by growing our own food, making foods from scratch that we once bought premade, and now for our latest project……chickens! I mean CHOOKS!

I'll take some of these darlings thanks.

We go through at least two eggs a day in our smoothie, and to buy free range eggs now it is up to $6.00 a dozen. Cage and barn laid eggs are a tad cheaper, but we avoid these ones. I remember someone saying to me, “each time you buy eggs, it is your vote for how you want these animals treated.” It is probably worth our while just getting our own chooks and sharing our goodies with friends and family at the same time!

Other things on my list to accomplish in the near future: my friend Jodi has inspired me to make my own jam. There is also a course you can take in Cooroy which shows you how to make your own wine and other fermented food that my friend Laura told me about. I also wanted to plant a lemon tree and have bees making honey in the backyard…but hubby said no – he has his reasons…which are valid I guess 🙂 Maybe if I had a garden like the one below I would get my own way.

The ultimate in kitchen gardening *sigh*

On a side note: we just had some exceptional Bluegrass music playing randomly in the background and hubby says with a big grin, “that song just makes me want to get chooks.” I think we need to move onto that farm of our dreams sooner than we thought….and just rereading this, we do sound a bit country don’t we!…..

Soggy Bottom Boys!

That is a funny name for a band isn’t it?

If you have watched the movie ‘O Brother Where Art Thou’ you know what band I am talking about. The one with George Clooney as the lead singer.

The real voice of singing-George in the movie is Dan Tyminski who says during a concert that when he told his wife that he was going to be George Clooney’s voice-over she asked him what a voice-over was. He told her that she would see George Clooney’s face, but when he sang it would be his voice coming out. His wife said to him, “Oh Dan, that is my fantasy!”.

The real name of this band is called ‘Alison Krauss & Union Station’ and they are awesome. The sound that comes out of Alison is incredible and the band is made up of musicians…the perfect kind of musicians. If you like a bit of mandolin, bass, violin, harmonies, banjo, and the dobro – you will love these guys!

My dad introduced us to this band a while back and we can’t stop listening to them.