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Everyone I know is SO STUPID!!!

If you opened this post just because you read my title and wanted to slam me or remind me that the majority of the people I know are incredible, then……YHBT (You Have Been Trolled).

A troll is someone who likes to provoke others into an emotional response.  They like to disrupt the flow of comments or discussion by deliberately hurling venom to stir the pot and get a reaction.  Trolls usually like to lurk around forums, networking sites, YouTube and blogs.  I bet you have come across some before.

Trolling is when a troll trails their bait through the cyberworld, hoping for someone to bite.  People get sucked into dialogue with trolls when they try to reason with the troll, try to gently put their point across more clearly (thinking they have just been misunderstood), or by having a full-blown cyber-argument with the troll.  There is only one golden rule when coming across a troll: DNFTT (Do Not Feed The Trolls).  Period.  Ignore them, even though you may be fuming by their insensitive or bullying remarks, and they will usually go away to feed on someone else.

Another form of trolling I have come across many times as a teacher as it is ‘usually’ more common among teenagers – people who just post things for a reaction.  “This is the worst day of my life”, “I wish I was dead”, “I am so ugly”, “no one loves me”, “I’m so fat”, “She’s way prettier than me”.  Not to be taken light-heartedly if this is a true cry for help, but true cries for help usually don’t come in the form of a facebook status or twitter update. Most of the time, the person is being a troll and trying to get as many sympathetic, feel-good reassurances as possible.

Stay away from the trolls!